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New AI Video Analytics – 360° Color Search, Occupancy Alerts, and More

May 10, 2022

This month brings a new batch of improvements focused on Rhombus’ suite of AI video analytics, including Color Search for the R360, smart occupancy alerts, and more powerful search for license plate recognition. Plus, look out for quality-of-life improvements on the admin and bandwidth side!

Here’s what’s new:

Powerful, Panoramic Search: Color Search for the R360

Color Search enables you to search footage for specific clothing and vehicle colors. This makes investigations smarter and faster, especially when color is one of the key details you can remember after an incident.

We’re excited to announce that Color Search is now available for the Rhombus R360 panoramic camera!

Rhombus 360-degree cameras allow you to capture your entire environment seamlessly, without blind spots. They’re one of the best ways to increase overall visibility and coverage of a space. Now, you can search that entire view for specific clothing and vehicle color to increase the ways you can investigate and find footage across your organization.

As part of Rhombus’ suite of AI video analytics, Color Search for the R360 is included with all Enterprise Licenses and is automatically added to every camera in the field. If you already have an R360 installed, you can turn on Color Search and use it immediately.

Control Your Space: Introducing Occupancy Alerts

Occupancy alerts allow you to receive real-time alerts any time the amount of people in a given space surpasses a certain threshold. Thresholds are fully customizable on a camera-by-camera basis—so you could set one room’s capacity to 20 people, and another to just one person.

This makes it easy to manage crowds, monitor sensitive equipment, and respond quickly if a specific area has too many people in it.

rhombus schedule occupancy alert video security systems platform

Occupancy alerts for safety and compliance

Monitoring occupancy is especially important in the era of COVID-19. CA Ventures uses Rhombus to keep an eye on the number of residents in common areas. It’s enabled property managers to “keep amenity spaces open for use while ensuring capacity guidelines are strictly followed.”

Occupancy alerts for smoother operations

Occupancy alerts give you another way to manage customers and visitors. It helps with line-busting to keep wait time down, and in retail locations, you can be quickly notified if more employees are needed on the floor.

Eyes on the Road: Powerful Search for License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition automatically identifies and logs license plate numbers for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. With it, you can keep an eye out for unauthorized vehicles, protect parking lots and garages, and secure your building’s perimeter.

rhombus LPR license plate recognition search

With the latest update, you have even more ways to search for license plates:

Filter LPR searches by location

You can manage unlimited cameras and unlimited locations with Rhombus. License plate recognition lets you search across all locations—but what happens if you want to limit your search to a single place?

With the latest update, you can now filter your license plate searches by location. For example, if you’re looking for a suspicious car at a specific store, you can exclude all others and focus just on cameras in your target location.

Search for license plates by name

In the RhombusConsole and Mobile App, you can already add custom names to captured license plates.

Now, you can also search by custom names. This makes it much faster and easier to look for vehicles that have caused trouble for you in the past or vehicles you’re already familiar with—after all, it’s much easier to remember a car as ‘Mike P’s Toyota’ than as a string of random letters and numbers.

With these new additions, here’s a brief overview of the different ways you can search using License Plate Recognition:

  • By plate number
  • By name
  • By label
  • By camera
  • By location
  • By date range

Customizable Based on Your Needs: Time-Lapse Feature Enablement

Rhombus is dedicated to providing powerful video security that’s also best-in-class on bandwidth consumption (and light on latency).

This month, we’ve introduced a new way you can improve your bandwidth consumption: Rhombus’ time-lapse feature can now be enabled or disabled on a camera-by-camera basis. Before, this feature was enabled by default on every camera, which required extra bandwidth.

Now, you can choose which cameras use the time-lapse feature. Toggle it on for cameras that capture footage in areas you want a time-lapse (such as construction sites or special events) and toggle it off for all other cameras.

Better time-lapse quality

As an added bonus, we’ve also increased the resolution of time-lapse images. If you’re using time-lapse videos, this will significantly improve quality.

rhombus timelapse video security camera building street

Granular Permissions: User-Specific Roles

It’s now easier than ever to create and customize user roles. If you want to edit the role/permissions for a specific user, you can do it from directly within that user’s profile—no need to backtrack to a different menu.

This makes setting permissions simpler, more intuitive, and take fewer clicks.

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