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Announcing the Rhombus 10-Year Warranty

June 15, 2021

Since 2016, the Rhombus Team has been dedicated to creating the best physical security platform in the world. From sourcing top-quality components to offering 24/7 customer support to engineering everything from the ground up right here in the US, Rhombus is designed to deliver a smarter, better-performing, and more reliable security experience.

Today, Rhombus is improving physical security operations across thousands of locations around the world. Team Rhombus is dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience and is excited to take it a step further: Rhombus cameras now include a 10-year warranty!

Which products does the new warranty cover?

The new Rhombus 10-Year Warranty applies to new and existing Rhombus cameras, with the exception of the legacy R1 model.

As of this announcement, this includes the R100 Dome, R2 Dome, R2-180 Fisheye, R360 Immersive, R400 4k Zoom, and the latest additions to the lineup—the R200 Dome and the R500 4K Bullet.

The Rhombus 10-Year Warranty doubles the previous 5-year warranty. Existing systems will automatically receive the new warranty, and as the Rhombus product line expands, new camera models will be covered under the Rhombus 10-Year Warranty.

Why a longer warranty?

Rhombus products are designed to last. All Rhombus cameras are engineered from the ground up to be secure and reliable, undergoing extensive testing and using only NDAA/TAA-compliant enterprise-grade components. The domes feature an IK10 metal housing that can withstand up to 20 joules of force and all Rhombus cameras are IP66-rated—built to withstand harsh weather and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Rhombus puts your experience first. Rhombus is designed to deliver the absolute best video security experience. The Rhombus 10-Year Warranty provides you with additional peace of mind so you can depend on Rhombus for years to come. Whether you’re in or out of warranty, all users are supported by award-winning customer service including 24/7 support, a comprehensive knowledge base, and a dedicated account manager.

Investing in security solutions built for the future

The average security camera manufacturer offers 1, 2, or 3-year warranties—but Rhombus isn’t here to create average security products. Rhombus' mission is to make the world a safer place by providing you with intelligent, high-quality solutions you can depend on for years to come. The Rhombus 10-Year Warranty is a key part of delivering on that mission.​​​​​

For more information or questions, reach out to the Rhombus Team at

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