Cloud Managed
Enterprise Video Security
Ditch your NVR system
and experience intelligent video security
No NVRs. No bulky hardware.
Just simple to use, intelligent video security.
Facial Recognition
When a specific face is spotted, you can be notified immediately via email or our mobile app.

Rhombus' facial recognition technology provides ultimate safety for your business.
People Counting
Curious how many people come through your building on a given day?

Ever wanted to know how many unique people visit your kiosk?

Now you can!
Unlimited Cameras.
Unlimited Locations.
Manage all cameras and locations from one console. No special software or servers required.
  • Set up and configure cameras in a matter of minutes
  • Easily connect via ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Access video instantly from your computer or mobile
  • Quickly save and share footage
  • AES-256 encrypted video data on camera and in cloud
  • Signed, automatic firmware updates
  • Abnormal login detection
  • No open ports
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