Intelligent Video Security
Without the Hassle
No NVR's, servers or other hardware required!
What makes Rhombus different?
No DVR's, NVR's or servers means you save money
Manage unlimited locations and cameras from one console
Advanced facial recognition technology for alerts and searching
Smart cameras handle most video analysis
OTA firmware updates to keep cameras secure
Integrations with other SaaS apps
Analyze data, not video
Going beyond just video security, Rhombus uses advanced computer vision technology to provide your business meaningful insights. This includes people counting, facial recognition, object recognition, and more. All of this data is catalogued and indexed so you can view it and search it any time.
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Easy to Deploy, Easier to Manage
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Oct 25th
A common question that often comes up is how Rhombus Systems is different from existing solutions out there. This is a great question to ask and for the purposes of answering I'll break the market into a few buckets...
Dec 15th
Rhombus uses artificial intelligence to use features like facial recognition, analytics, and region selection to spot any missing items. The founders have Sacramento roots...
Nov 9th
Are you in the market for a video security system for your business or organization? The first question you might be asking yourself is how much this system will cost. The cost really depends on a number of factors including...
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