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Less manual work,
better physical security.

Take your security to the next level. Integrate the Rhombus Platform into your organization to improve visibility and operations.

Bye-bye siloed systems. Hello, Rhombus.

Storage Management

Automatically store all of your company’s saved clips directly to your preferred storage provider.

Badge Systems / Access Control

Automatically create events for badge entries, catch potential unauthorized entries and improve facial recognition.

Smart Buildings

Automatically create video alerts based on physical environment conditions.

Incident Management & Notifications

Automatically send alerts to your preferred notification method.

SIEM Management

Automatically send all audit and diagnostic logs directly to your SIEM provider.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Automatically integrate with your preferred SAML/identity provider.


Automatically provision and deprovision users with this integration.


Easily create your own custom integration through webhooks.

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