All cameras include 5 year warranties • Listed price is per camera, additional license fees apply
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HD Mini Dome
2 MP | IP66 | IK10
Full HD Mini Dome
5 MP | IP66 | BLE
R2 180
180° Fisheye
5 MP | IP66 | BLE
Immersive 360° Panoramic
12 MP | IP66 | IK10
4K Optical Zoom
8 MP | IP66 | IK10
*Storage days based on default camera settings

Enterprise License

Includes all Rhombus featuresinfo

License fees per camera
1 year
3 years
Save 20%
5 years
Save 30%

Professional License

Everything except AI-features and cloud storage info

License fees per camera
1 year
3 years
Save 20%
5 years
Save 30%
Cost Savings & ROI
Savings data based on current Rhombus customer data. Personal savings may vary.

Save 50%
on system cost

Rhombus delivers modern security at an affordable price. Save up to 50% versus comparable enterprise security systems.


hardware failure

Eliminate stress caused by failing hardware and save up to $3600 per year on IT maintenance, hardware replacement, and labor costs.


Reduce security breaches and accidents

The average security breach or accident can cost upwards of $5000 per year. Rhombus protects you with industry-leading reliability and cybersecurity best practices.


Save time and improve productivity

Find footage and conduct investigations in minutes rather than hours. The average Rhombus customer saves up to 20 hours conducting investigations with Rhombus.


Unlimited Cloud Storage

Looking for even more cloud storage beyond the 30 days included with the Enterprise License? Rhombus offers unlimited cloud storage solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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Camera Accessories

Need accessories for certain deployments? View the full line of mounting accessories for all Rhombus cameras.

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How do I get started with Rhombus?
To get started, you must purchase a camera (one-time fee) and a license. It's as simple as that.
Can I purchase just the cameras without a license?
All of our cameras require an ongoing license to operate.
How am I billed?
All licenses are billed annually at minimum. Please contact your sales rep or partner for more details.
What does the license cover?
A Rhombus license covers the ongoing costs associated with providing a service that does not require DVRs, NVRs, or any of the associated equipment. As part of the license, the service is constantly being improved meaning that in a few months you'll receive more for your money than when you purchased the service. We're constantly adding new features as well as providing frequent firmware updates to patch known security vulnerabilities.
You can read a more in depth description of what our subscription covers here.
Do your cameras consume a lot of bandwidth?
Not at all. Our cameras store all of the video locally on the cameras meaning they take virtually no bandwidth at all. This article contains more information on the bandwidth usage of our service.
Do your cameras have a warranty?
Yes - all of our cameras come standard with a 5 year warranty.
How do I cancel?
Please contact support if you need to cancel your account.
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