Better security. Better software. Better pricing.
per camera
20 days on-camera storage included
40 days on-camera storage upgrade + $100
90 days on-camera storage upgrade + $400
Indoor/outdoor (IP66 rated)
5 year warranty included
per camera
Long-range camera to view objects 100+ feet away with clarity
40 days on-camera storage included
90 days on-camera storage upgrade + $300
Indoor/outdoor (IP66 rated)
5 year warranty included
per camera
180° fish eye lens for wide angle view
40 days on-camera storage included
90 days on-camera storage included + 300
Indoor/outdoor (IP66 rated)
5 year warranty included
Includes everything from R1 Licensing (below), plus:
  • 30 days of 24/7 cloud storage
  • In-depth investigative tools to find faces, license plates, and events
  • Custom real-time alerts including faces, vehicles, and behavior
  • Investigate footage including faces, vehicles and behavior
  • Facial recognition to trust and flag specific people
per camera
15 days on-camera storage
40 days on-camera storage upgrade + $100
Optional dome accessory + $49
Indoor/outdoor (IP66 rated)
5 year warranty included
  • Unlimited cameras, locations & users
  • Unique user log-ins with 24/7 role-based access
  • View, share, and embed live streams and time-lapse videos
  • 2 years cloud storage for video clips
  • Custom real-time activity alerts
  • Enterprise integrations and API access
  • API access
  • Monthly software updates
  • Automatic firmware and security updates
  • 24x7 US based email and phone support
  • Real-time streaming (100-300ms latency)
  • Zero bandwidth consumption via LAN
  • View full feature comparison chart
*Compatible only with R2 camera
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Asset Tags

Manage your assets and pinpoint their locations

Door Sensors

Easily secure any door, window or entry point.

Environmental Sensors

Install anywhere to track temperature and humidity.

30 day increments
per camera, per year
  • Add multiple licenses for longer storage capacity
  • First 30 days included with R2 Enterprise License
Pricing FAQs
How do I get started with Rhombus?
To get started, you must purchase a camera (one-time fee) and a subscription plan. The additional licenses (cloud storage, perception, and unusual behavior detection) are optional features if you want to enhance the system’s capabilities.
Can I purchase just the cameras or software?
All of our cameras require an on going subscription to operate. All R1 cameras must have an R1 Console License and all R2 cameras must have an R2 Enterprise Console License.
How am I billed?
All subscriptions are billed annually at minimum. Please contact your sales rep or partner for more details.
What does the subscription cover?
A Rhombus subscription covers the ongoing costs associated with providing a service that does not require DVRs, NVRs, or any of the associated equipment. As part of the subscription, the service is constantly being improved meaning that in a few months you'll receive more for your money than when you purchased the service. We're constantly adding new features as well as providing frequent firmware updates to patch known security vulnerabilities.
You can read a more in depth description of what our subscription covers here.
Do you offer discounts?
For some organizations like non-profits and schools we do. Talk to your sales rep or partner to find out if you qualify.
Can I switch plans?
Yes. You'll need to talk to a sales rep or your partner though to do that.
Do your cameras have a warranty?
Yes - all of our cameras come standard with a 5 year warranty.
How do I cancel?
Please contact support if you need to cancel your account.
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