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What Does the Rhombus Subscription Cover?

October 29, 2018

When talking to potential customers, a common question we receive is, “what does your subscription cover?” This is a reasonable question to ask, especially if someone is coming from a traditional video surveillance where the only upfront cost is tied to the hardware.

Our solution differs from traditional options because we do not require DVR/NVRs, hard drives, or a long list of additional hardware needed for the system to operate. By eliminating the need for excess hardware, our system requires an annual subscription alongside the cost of the camera. Even with these subscription costs, our solution is much less expensive than comparable systems like Avigilon or Genetec.

So what’s included in the subscription? It varies by subscription tier, but it essentially covers the ongoing costs associated with providing a service that no longer requires servers, DVR/NVRs, or extra hardware. To provide this service, there is ongoing cloud infrastructure that we must maintain. This directly benefits our customers by providing a rhobust - ;) infrastructure that they no longer have to worry about or manage themselves hosted entirely in the cloud.

Our subscription offers ultimate peace of mind to customers who want a modern solution that removes the pain associated with a traditional system. The use of cloud infrastructure helps organizations maximize their time and resources by providing video surveillance that no longer requires extensive maintenance, will always work, have the latest features, and is continually tested for the latest security exploits.

Down below are some of the additional benefits of our subscription. This should only serve as a subset of everything a customer receives as part of their ongoing subscription and is constantly changing as we’re adding new benefits every day.

Users and Management

• User and location management

• Remote access from any standard web browser

• Remote access from most Android and iOS device


• 24x7 video recording stored on the camera

• Ability to view live video streams and past footage

• All video is indexed for human and motion events

• Ability to cut and save clips

• Video Walls to watch multiple cameras at once

Software Updates and Support

• Automatic software updates that include new features, bug fixes and security patches

• Top-tier Customer support (hours dependent on subscription level)

• Continual monitoring of your cameras to make sure they are working properly

• Product training

Alerts & Notifications

• Customizable alerts by user, day & time periods for human and other motion

• Ability to watch alerts from a web browser or mobile device

• All alerts are automatically stored in the cloud for 3 months


• Anomalous login detection to protect your account

• Automatic camera firmware updates and security patches

• End-to-end encryption of all video data

• Audit and diagnostic logs

• Regular 3rd party security audits of the Rhombus infrastructure

We hope this helps address what is covered by our subscriptions. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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