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Rhombus + Wesco: Doubling Down on Security, Doubling Down on Success


At Rhombus, we’re constantly innovating to bring you the best in cloud-based physical security solutions. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Wesco, a leading provider of business-to-business distribution, logistics services, and supply chain solutions, to make our award-winning technology even more accessible. This collaboration is a game-changer for our partners and customers alike.

Think of it like this: our integrators now have two trusted options when choosing where to source the industry's best cloud-based physical security solution. Whether you're a seasoned Rhombus pro or just discovering the magic of AI-powered security, Wesco’s extensive network and expertise open doors to even more opportunities.

Here's what this partnership means:

  • Wider Reach, Easier Access: No matter where you are, Wesco’s vast infrastructure makes getting your hands on Rhombus solutions easier than ever. More warehouses, more sales teams, more opportunities.
  • Partner Powerhouse: Both Rhombus and Wesco are dedicated to supporting your success. Get ready for joint training, marketing magic, and top-notch tech support – a true recipe for channel victory.
  • New Markets, New Horizons: Wesco’s diverse market reach expands the Rhombus landscape. Education, healthcare, critical infrastructure – the possibilities are endless.

This partnership is about reaching further, achieving more, and unlocking the full potential of cloud-based security. For us at Rhombus, it's an exciting step towards creating a safer, smarter world, one Rhombus-powered camera at a time.

Ready to join the journey? Reach out to to learn more and dive headfirst into the world of AI-powered security solutions. The future is bright, and it's secured by Rhombus!

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