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Intelligent Security Cameras Built for the Toughest Environments – Introducing the R500 Bullet and R200 Dome

May 09, 2021

Rhombus provides a modern and unified physical security experience to enterprise organizations around the world. With secure 24/7 remote access, real-time visibility across facilities, and integrations with best-in-class systems, Rhombus provides one of the most comprehensive and streamlined platforms to manage physical security at scale.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new camera models built with our philosophy of creating simple, secure, and powerful devices that make managing security easy and enjoyable. Without further ado, meet the newest cameras joining the Rhombus lineup!

Introducing the R500 Bullet Camera: Long Distance, High Accuracy

When you need to capture video at long distances with high accuracy, this is the camera for the job. The R500 is an enterprise-grade telephoto bullet camera that records video in ultra-HD 4K resolution.


Featuring 2.5X optical zoom, powerful internal processors, and up to 60 days of on-camera storage, the R500 is Rhombus’ longest-ranged camera and is designed to provide incredible performance and long-distance viewing capabilities.


Powerful long-range video capture—identify faces or license plates 300+ feet away with the R500 Bullet Camera.

With an 8MP image sensor, modern WDR technology, and high-powered IR illuminators, the R500 provides crisp video at long distances and in almost any lighting condition. The R500 features a rugged IP66 housing to withstand harsh exposure to the elements. Whatever the world has to offer, the R500 can handle it and deliver reliable service to your organization for years to come.


The R500 is available for preorder now—reach out to to place a preorder. Pricing starts at $1399 and includes a 10-year warranty.

Introducing the R200 Dome Camera: A Stronger R2

Rhombus' most popular camera is getting an upgrade! The R200 is an updated version of the classic R2. It provides the same on-camera storage configurations and robust performance as the R2, but with enhanced versatility and durability.

Featuring an IP66 / IK10 metal housing that can withstand up to 20 joules of force, the R200 has improved impact resistance and is resilient against harsh weather and acts of vandalism.


Additionally, the R200 works seamlessly with the entire line of Rhombus Sensors so organizations can gain greater, more actionable insights into their environments. By combining cameras and sensors, you can receive real-time video alerts during critical situations, including: when high-value objects go missing, when someone gains access to a restricted area, when a refrigeration or HVAC unit is on the verge of failing, or if motion has occurred in camera-less locations.


With the R200, you can investigate multiple feeds at once to get the complete picture. Receive real-time visibility and alerts when security events need your attention.

Whether it’s integrating video security with best-in-class solutions or using connected IoT sensors for greater insights into your environment, the R200 will provide an incredible experience to help improve security and operations for your organization.


Protect your spaces with smarter building access—automatically verify face ID and badge entries with the R200.

The R200 is available for preorder now—reach out to to place a preorder. Pricing starts at $499 (identical to R2 pricing) and includes a 10-year warranty.

At Rhombus, we're dedicated to protecting your spaces with simple, secure, and powerful devices. The R500 and R200 were designed to improve visibility across your environments and continue on Rhombus' mission in making your organization, and the world, a safer place. For any questions regarding these new cameras, reach out to

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