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Life on the Go - January Product Update

January 26, 2021

When we say Rhombus offers full remote access, we mean it. This month’s product updates are all about life on the go and making it easy for you to manage video security from anywhere.

Most Requested: Faces & License Plates in Mobile

We’ve all been there. You’re away from your computer—in between meetings, on a coffee run, whatever it is—and your phone pings. It’s a text from a colleague; there’s been a security incident that needs your attention. Do you rush back to your local viewing station, or make a mental note to deal with it later?

Rhombus gives you a third option! With the top-rated Rhombus iOS and Android app, you have the flexibility to manage your system straight from your phone, wherever you are.

This month’s update adds even more flexibility to the mobile experience: You can now search through recorded Faces and License Plates from the Rhombus iOS and Android apps.

Just like on the Rhombus Console, you can view all recent sightings and name them right there in the app to make investigations and future searches easier.


Search through Faces and License Plates on mobile and easily jump to footage.

This is one of our most requested features and we’re thrilled to share the news with you! We’re constantly adding features to the Rhombus mobile app with the goal to give you as much functionality while on the go as with the web-based Rhombus Console.

Newest Timesaver: Assign Permissions by Location

With Rhombus, you can manage all locations, cameras, and users from a single Console—no need for multiple accounts or portals. But a unified Console is only a gamechanger if it’s also well-organized and intuitive to use.

Many clients already love Rhombus’ simple and streamlined interface, and we’re always working to raise the bar to make video security more impactful for organizations. With this month’s update, it’s now easier and faster to set Permissions and Roles for Users.

Administrators can now grant camera and device permissions based on an entire location. With just a few clicks, Admins can give a User access to all current devices at a location and all future devices added to that location.

This saves time for Admins and makes it even easier to manage video security at scale to ensure that everyone who needs access has it anywhere, at any time.


Grant device permissions based on entire locations in Role Management settings in the Rhombus Console.

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We hope you get a ton of value out of this month’s product updates. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests – please contact