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Enhanced Apple TV Experience and New Dashboard Configurations – August Product Update

August 26, 2021

Every month, Rhombus adds new features designed to bring greater functionality and configurability to the platform. The best solutions are often the ones that fit how you work, not the other way around.

This August brings additional customization options to the Rhombus Console, and the Rhombus Apple TV App has been enhanced with new features, making it better than ever to monitor live video streams.

A Better Apple TV Experience

Grid Layouts

Many organizations have a dedicated security station. In this area, security guards typically monitor live video surveillance feeds on external monitors and provide aid where necessary.

If you’re wanting to actively monitor multiple live camera feeds at once—the Rhombus Apple TV App is one of the most efficient and streamlined ways to do so. Thousands of customers currently use the app to continuously display video walls on external monitors and understand what’s happening across their locations in real-time.

Starting today, you can now customize the grid layout of your camera feeds on Apple TV! Customizing your layout is easy: simply select which cameras to include, choose a layout template, and rearrange camera feeds as desired within your chosen layout.


Customize the grid layout of your camera feeds on the Rhombus Apple TV App.

Live Video Streams During Internet Outages

Traditional cloud systems face a daunting problem: losing functionality if the onsite internet goes down. Losing access to your cameras and footage can be a physical security risk that leaves your organization vulnerable.

Rhombus already provides an available solution to this problem: offline LAN streaming via the Rhombus Mobile App. However, today, we’re taking it a step further with offline streaming via the Rhombus Apple TV App!

Now, even if the internet goes down, your Apple TV will continue to stream your camera feeds uninterrupted. Because of this functionality, you’ll always be aware of what’s happening onsite regardless of network status.

Your Dashboard, Your Way

Add Unlimited Video Walls & Camera Tiles

Last June, we released a customizable dashboard that lets you pick what information you see when first logging on. Starting today, you can now add as many video walls and camera tiles as you want to the dashboard, making it easy to create a tailored experience for your organization.


Add as many video walls and camera tiles as you want to your dashboard.

Reorder Your Sidebar Menu Items

Do you use some pages more than others or want easier access? Now, you can streamline your Rhombus Console experience by reordering page shortcuts within the sidebar menu!


Simply drag and drop to reorder menu items for easier access.

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