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Introducing Rhombus Feature Enablement – A Better Way to Manage Your Smart Features

July 14, 2021

The Rhombus Team is committed to making your video security experience the best it can be with new updates and optimizations rolling out every month. Today, we're excited to announce the latest upgrade: Rhombus Feature Enablement.

What is Rhombus Feature Enablement?

As a smart video security platform, Rhombus includes many AI features that enhance visibility, investigations, emergency response, and more.

Rhombus Feature Enablement is a new, more streamlined way to manage your licenses and advanced AI features. It makes it faster and more intuitive than ever to activate and deactivate different enterprise-level AI features across all your cameras.

Intuitive Feature Management

The Rhombus Enterprise License comes with many powerful AI features, such as facial recognition, unusual behavior detection, and color detection. However, not every camera needs every feature enabled. For example, you may have an R500 bullet camera deployed in a parking lot to capture license plates, so you'll only require license plate recognition and not mask/PPE detection.

With Feature Enablement, you can toggle features on a camera-by-camera basis or select multiple cameras and make changes in bulk. A process that previously might have taken hours to complete can now be accomplished in minutes.


For details on how to toggle your features, check out the Knowledge Base Article.

Get More Control of Your Bandwidth Usage

Rhombus is currently the most bandwidth-friendly cloud solution available, and Feature Enablement gives you more control over how much bandwidth you want your cameras to consume.

In the feature toggle section, you can optimize individual cameras and save bandwidth by turning off AI features you don’t need, while keeping the ones that you do. The toggle box even shows you how bandwidth-heavy each feature is relative to other features, so you can make an educated decision about which features to enable.

We hope you enjoyed this month's update! Feature Enablement is now live across all accounts. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to

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