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Pioneering an IoT Sensor Platform for Managing Physical Spaces and Security

November 19, 2019

We founded Rhombus Systems based on the idea that the existing hardware used to manage and secure physical infrastructure (office spaces, buildings, etc.) was outdated and lacked the modern software and features that organizations needed. To address this, we set out to tackle one important problem first – to modernize traditional video security.

Over the last few years, we have worked day and night on Rhombus to deliver the best experience possible, and the customer response has been incredible. Building off of this positive feedback, we saw an opportunity to leverage the recently launched R2 camera as an IoT hub to seamlessly add sensors to the platform.

We put our heads down, worked tirelessly, and today we are proud to announce the first of many new sensors to help make managing your physical spaces and security much easier than ever before.

Without further ado, meet the newest sensors joining the Rhombus Platform.


The T1 Asset Tag


The D1 Door Sensor


The E1 Environmental Sensor

Flipping through different software applications, managing multiple physical security systems, or even tracking what systems are currently in use will be a thing of the past. The ecosystem that we have created will be the first of its kind and will enable you to intelligently manage your physical security on one unified platform.

These sensors will automatically communicate with any R2 camera you have deployed, meaning no additional infrastructure is required – just the camera and sensor(s). As soon as the sensors are activated, it will transmit data over BLE to the closest camera and report any change in states.

For any new product that we release, having it work seamlessly together will always be a reoccurring theme. Not only do these sensors communicate with each other and the R2, but unlike existing systems where they are just “managed” together under one console, the products truly work in unison to make the entire platform more than just the sum of its parts.

For example, with the new sensors, you can receive an alert if a door was left open, instantaneously watch video footage of the alert, and then share it with colleagues. This smooth interaction between sensors and video security is an experience that we are proud to deliver - not only for these sensors but also for future ones.

Below, we will explain the functionality of each sensor in a bit more detail.

T1 Asset Tag

The T1 Asset Tag is perfect for when you want to track valuable items, goods, or equipment within your organization. They are small, discrete, and can be attached to any item that you want to track.


Imagine that you have a construction site and you want to know where an important tool is located at all times. With the T1 - simply attach it to the tool, pull up the Rhombus Console, and see in real-time where the tool is located or how it has moved throughout the job site. The T1 not only allows you to pinpoint location, but you can also view corresponding video footage without ever leaving the Rhombus Console!

D1 Door Sensor

Traditional video security systems make it difficult to know whether a door or window has been opened or left open. To help provide more security to your organization, meet the D1 Door Sensor.


The D1 Door Sensor will notify you if an entry point has been breached and provide corresponding video footage to provide more actionable insights into your space. The D1 has a 3-year battery life, a built-in accelerometer, and can be set-up in a matter of seconds. Simply pair the sensor with the R2 camera(s); attach it to any door, window, or entry point; and Rhombus will take care of the rest.

E1 Environmental Sensor

There are times where you just need to know the temperature and humidity of a given space. This is where the E1 Environmental Sensor comes into play.


Install these sensors anywhere, and they will automatically communicate with the R2 camera to notify you of any temperature or humidity fluctuations. No Wi-Fi nearby? No problem! Like all of the other sensors, they work directly with the R2 and only need to be within BLE range to work.

The E1 comes with a 3-year battery life and is perfect for monitoring temperature-sensitive areas. For example, if you are a lab that needs to maintain an environment of 70°F with 15% humidity, an alert can be set-up to notify you if the temperature or humidity changes along with a synchronized video clip of what caused that change!

One Console for All Sensors

Previously, if you wanted to use all of these hardware sensors, multiple systems and software applications were required to manage them. Now with Rhombus, you can consolidate your separate systems and truly manage it all from one centralized console.

With the updated Rhombus Console and Mobile App, you will now find these sensors in interface. You will quickly notice that the actions between the different sensors are seamlessly tied together with your video security system.


Your physical security, managed on one platform

If you want to quickly view footage from the last time an asset tag was seen, you can easily do so. If you want to view when the asset has exited the building, you can find what door and watch the footage of the asset leaving. You can even move the time scale to see the state of certain sensors at a particular time with corresponding video footage. These are only a few examples of the value Rhombus delivers, and once you start playing with the platform, you will quickly discover how powerful it truly is.

We could go on about how great these new sensors are, but the best way to communicate it is to have you experience it for yourself. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to \[](, and experience first-hand why Rhombus is at the forefront of modernizing how physical infrastructure is managed.

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