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New Camera & New Viewing Options: Introducing the R120 Dome and Upgraded R360 Functionality!

June 23, 2021

Rhombus is dedicated to developing intelligent solutions that make your video security simpler, smarter, and more efficient.

Today, the Rhombus Team is thrilled to announce two new solutions that will provide you with greater visibility and flexibility over how you manage your physical spaces: the R120 Dome Camera and new features for the R360!

Introducing the R120 Dome Camera: A Natural Evolution

The R100 has long been the “swiss army knife” of smart security cameras—and now, it’s getting an upgrade.

The R120 is the next generation of the R100. Like its predecessor, the R120 is designed to hit the sweet spot between providing maximum camera coverage while also remaining cost-effective. With a 2MP image sensor, weather and vandal-resistant metal housing, and a lightning-quick processor -- the R120 is a high-performance camera that can handle a wide range of different environments.


New to the R120 is added BLE capabilities, enabling the camera to seamlessly connect to the entire suite of Rhombus smart sensors. This includes Motion Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Door Sensors, and Asset Tags. The sensors automatically communicate with the nearest Rhombus camera, providing a more intelligent and proactive physical security solution.


The E1 Environmental Sensor monitors temperature and humidity with real-time alerts—one of several Rhombus IoT Smart Sensors.

The new R120 will replace the R100 within the Rhombus camera lineup and will be priced the same as its predecessor. If you currently use and love the R100, don’t worry! All Rhombus cameras include 10-year warranties and will be supported over the entire product lifetime.

Pre-orders are now open! Due to high demand, we strongly encourage you to place your pre-orders as soon as possible via

More Options and Capabilities for the R360

With a panoramic, 360° view of your environment, the R360 makes it easy to cover large areas with just a single camera.

Rhombus is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within video security. Today, the Rhombus team is excited to announce that the R360 will include a new 180° view mode, and Facial Recognition capabilities when paired with the Enterprise License.

Facial Recognition on the R360 allows for the ability to capture face data from nearly every angle. Additionally, the new 180° view will transform the R360 into two possible cameras – an immersive 360° or 180° camera, providing organizations with greater deployment options.

Facial Recognition on the R360


180° View in Fisheye Mode


180° View in Standard Mode

How to Enable 180° View Mode

To switch modes for your R360 camera, click on the '360' icon when viewing a camera, then click 'Set Mount Orientation'. From there, you can choose which 'Mount Direction' your location needs. The 'Sideways/Wall' option will provide a 180° View of your space.



With the introduction of 180° view, the R2-180 camera will no longer be available. Its functionality lives on in the more powerful and durable R360. As with the R100, if you currently use and love the R2-180, this camera is covered under the Rhombus 10-year warranty and will be supported over the entire product lifetime.

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