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Introducing the R230 Dome: 5MP Optical Zoom & WiFi Connectivity

February 27, 2023


Rhombus' goal is to provide you with unified physical security that works everywhere you need it. We’re excited to announce the newest addition to the suite of Rhombus smart cameras: the R230 Mini Dome.

The R230 camera delivers exceptional performance and versatility. As a 5MP camera with optical zoom, it allows you to fine-tune the camera view and deploy AI video analytics at long distances.

The R230 is the first Rhombus camera with built-in WiFi capabilities in addition to standard PoE connectivity. Whether you use it as a WiFi security camera or a standard cloud security camera, you can manage your entire physical security solution from the unified Rhombus platform.

No wired internet? No problem.

Cloud-based security cameras need power and an internet connection to function. A hardwired internet connection is preferable, but isn't viable for every deployment. If a location doesn't have internet connectivity, running the necessary network cabling can be cost-prohibitive and is a major drawback for organizations looking to avoid expensive onsite hardware.

WiFi to the Rescue

The R230 is a WiFi security camera that gives you the flexibility to secure locations where wired internet is unavailable or cost-prohibitive. With this versatile, all-in-one mini dome, you gain high-resolution, real-time visibility in traditionally difficult-to-secure spaces.

By including the R230 in your deployment, you can effortlessly secure all your locations from one unified platform and support rapid, temporary, and flexible installations.

Less Cabling, More Coverage

Use the R230's WiFi mode to increase visibility without the cost and headache of running network cabling underground or across long distances. You can eliminate blind spots while limiting installation costs, which is especially valuable for temporary deployments that don’t require permanent network cabling.

Use WiFi connectivity for rapid, temporary, and flexible deployments

The R230 camera is the perfect solution for protecting areas where power is available, but wired internet is not. Its WiFi capabilities are suited for, but not limited to:

  • Supplement large deployments: Perfect for deployments where some areas have wired connectivity and others do not. Use WiFi security cameras to cover blind spots and manage all security cameras, wired and WiFi, on one unified platform.
  • Support temporary setups: As long as WiFi is available, the R230 only requires a power source to work, making it ideal for temporary deployments. Installation is fast, easy, and avoids the need to install expensive network cabling, which is often cost-prohibitive for temporary setups.
  • Towns, counties, and municipalities: Secure parks, ballot boxes, parking lots, and remote buildings without spending thousands running underground cable.
  • Construction sites: Ideal for the flexible and often temporary surveillance needs of construction sites. Secure an active site without hardwired internet and even without a traditional power source; with a hotspot and an alternative power source such as solar power, you can gain a high-resolution, real-time visibility with minimal labor and cost.
  • Schools and universities: Protect parking lots and outdoor sports facilities like baseball fields, running tracks, and football stadiums while saving thousands on running cable.
  • Self-storage: Perfect for self-storage warehouses where wired internet is unavailable or cost-prohibitive to install. Simplify deployment without running network cabling underground or across long distances.

A Security Sweet Spot—5MP with Optical Zoom

The R230 Mini Dome fills an important role in any organization's deployment. As a 5MP dome with optical zoom, it balances high-quality video, zoom capabilities, and bandwidth usage.

  • Enjoy the power and flexibility of optical zoom: With the R230’s motor-focus-zoom lens, you can fine-tune the camera view to ensure optimal coverage and use AI analytic features at an extended range.
  • Balance video resolution to save bandwidth and cost: The R230 features a 5MP sensor as opposed to the 4K video often seen in cameras with optical zoom. 4K resolution is a powerful feature, but it’s not the right fit for every location—it’s bandwidth-intensive and raises a camera’s price point. By providing 5MP with optical zoom instead of 4K, the R230 delivers a high-quality picture while conserving bandwidth.

Combining a 5MP sensor with a motor-focus-zoom lens, the R230 bridges the gap between Rhombus’ R200 and the R400/R510. The result is a versatile camera ideal for when you want high-quality video and zoom without jumping in price point.

The R230 smart camera at a glance:

  • Mini dome form factor
  • 5MP high-resolution video
  • 84.0° – 122.2° diagonal field of view (FoV), 74.6° – 110.1° horizontal FoV, 38.6° - 53.1° vertical FoV
  • Edge-based AI analytics
  • Rhombus sensor compatibility
  • Up to 180 days (1TB) on-camera storage
  • Optional unlimited cloud storage available
  • IP66 weather resistance
  • IK10 impact resistance
  • 10-year Rhombus warranty

Get Connected with the R230 Smart Camera

If your organization requires powerful video security but lacks wired internet at certain locations, or you need a camera that balances resolution and zoom, the R230 is a perfect fit. As a part of the Rhombus physical security platform, the R230 seamlessly connects to all your Rhombus cameras, sensors, and third-party integrations.

The R230 is now available and ready to ship. For sales inquiries, trials, or more information about the R230, please reach out to the Rhombus team at

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