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How to Prevent Student Vaping in Schools with Connected IoT Sensors

February 03, 2021

In the past decade, there’s been a “youth vaping epidemic” among teenagers. For many middle school and high school teachers, vaping impacts their students on a daily basis and makes it harder for educators to teach.

Many schools are now searching for ways to battle underage vaping and protect the well-being of their students.

How can schools combat the rise of vaping?

The first and most challenging step is detecting if vaping is happening on campus.

Manually monitoring students isn’t effective—there are just too many kids per educator. Teachers have enough on their plates and students are finding ways to stay out of sight when vaping.

Privacy is also a concern; many students vape in the restroom, and many vapes are easy to hide. Some, like JUUL, are designed to look like a USB flash drive and produce no strong odor. It’s challenging to enforce vaping rules while properly respecting student privacy.

With the Rhombus video security platform and the HALO Smart Sensor integration, schools can quickly identify, detect, and prevent student vaping on campus.

What is the Rhombus + HALO integration?

The Rhombus + HALO integration is a powerful tool for educators: automated vape detection with corresponding video footage.


With native remote access, you can receive alerts with live video footage on any device.

By combining smart cameras with IoT sensors, you gain a new level of insight into your school’s environment. 

Rhombus intelligent security cameras for schools

Rhombus is a cloud-based video security system trusted by school districts across the nation. For many K-12 schools, Rhombus is a cornerstone of their overall physical security strategy.  The cameras use advanced AI analytics to proactively prevent security issues, issue real-time alerts, and enable easy and fast incident investigations.


Protect your entire school with the Rhombus suite of cloud-based smart cameras and IoT sensors.

HALO smart environmental sensor for schools

The IP Video HALO Smart Sensor is a leading environmental sensor that is capable of capturing over 1 million data readings a day. It can detect bullying, gunshots, signs of distress and dozens of airborne chemicals, including smoke, vape, THC, and THC oil. It’s one of the most awarded security devices on the market, with over 30 awards in the past year alone, and is deployed in thousands of schools.


The HALO Smart Sensor can detect vape, smoke, THC, and abnormal noises including gunshots and calls for help.

How the integration works

Rhombus operates without any servers, complicated software, or cybersecurity vulnerabilities – delivering a simpler, smarter, and better physical security experience. All cameras and sensors are powered by the latest security technology and leverage a modern cloud VMS to improve safety and operations at scale.

In a few clicks, schools can integrate Rhombus with the HALO Smart Sensor, as well as over 20+ best-in-class solutions, for a comprehensive and custom security experience.


Activate the HALO integration with a few clicks in the Rhombus Console.

Once the integration is set up, when a student vapes near a sensor, an automated video alert will be issued via SMS, push notifications, or email. A corresponding video clip will be attached to the alert, allowing administrators to quickly identify who triggered the alert.

The Benefits of the Rhombus + HALO Integration

1. Accurate, automatic vape and smoke detection

Rhombus cameras are incredibly straightforward to set up and the HALO Smart Sensor is no different. Once the two systems are installed and connected, the HALO sensor automatically detects vape and smoke in the air by recognizing its chemical signature. This method doesn’t depend on sight or smell and isn’t fooled by attempts to mask the vape, helping schools leverage smart technology solutions to solve complex problems.


Customize alerts, detection thresholds, and more within the HALO Smart Sensor dashboard.

2. Real-time alerts with corresponding footage

The sensors and cameras communicate seamlessly to paint a comprehensive picture of the incident. When vaping is detected, the system automatically knows which cameras are nearby and will connect corresponding video evidence to the alert.

Alerts happen in real time—in seconds, you can investigate the incident, save footage to address it later on, or share it with the appropriate staff member. With Rhombus' native remote access, you can assess the situation from anywhere. You can access the system from any web-based device and use the top-rated Rhombus iOS and Android app to receive and respond to alerts on the go.

Siloed systems slow you down. Remote access helps you do more with less and provide an automated solution whether you're on or off campus.

3. Fast footage search for easy investigation

Finding specific footage is easy and fast with the Rhombus Console’s powerful search and smart filters. No more wasted hours scrubbing through footage; Rhombus automatically categorizes events so you can quickly jump to specific events with a simple click.

The Rhombus + HALO Integration combines two powerful solutions, allowing you to not only view footage and investigate vaping events but also whenever poor air quality, bullying, and other security incidents occur on campus.


Separately, smart cameras and IoT sensors provide a sophisticated security solution for many organizations. Together, this integration is an absolute powerhouse that’s a perfect solution for schools wanting a reliable, high-performing, and unified security experience.

To see the Rhombus + HALO integration in action, schedule a demo or a free trial.

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