Our Mission

To connect the physical world with the digital to better understand, protect, and enhance our spaces.

Our Story

We believe that Rhombus can greatly improve physical security for any organization the moment it’s turned on. By leveraging the latest in AI and computer vision, we’re able to offer a video security solution unlike anything else out there.

Our mission is to use video to unlock digital insights that can be utilized to protect and enhance our daily interactions with the world. From receiving unidentified people alerts to monitoring foot traffic, we’re only scratching the surface of what we have planned for the future.

Rhombus was founded by a team of engineers who have previously started and sold two companies, most recently Mojave Networks – acquired by Sophos. With deep expertise in cloud security, Rhombus Systems offers next-generation solutions that empower individuals to manage their physical spaces in an entirely new way.

Our Investors

Rhombus Systems is backed by those who believe in transforming the world video security and to offer meaningful tools to help improve the human experience.

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