Our Mission

To make our work spaces and organizations more secure, intelligent and productive.

Our Story

Rhombus was founded by a team of engineers who previously started and sold two companies, most recently Mojave Networks which was acquired by Sophos. With their extensive background working with enterprise IT organizations, the founding team saw first-hand how difficult existing enterprise physical security systems were and wondered why these systems couldn't be as easy to use as the consumer ones yet powerful enough for large companies.

Leveraging their deep expertise in cyber security and cloud technologies, Rhombus Systems was born with its first product being cloud managed security cameras.

Today, Rhombus offers a first of its kind platform that includes AI powered security cameras and smart sensors. All of these IoT devices work seamlessly together giving customers unparalleled insights into their spaces.

This unique platform is only the beginning as we believe there are so many ways to combine great software with smart hardware to make all of our work spaces more intelligent, secure, and productive.

Our Investors

Rhombus Systems is backed by incredible investors who believe in transforming the world of physical security.

Lemnos Labs InvestorPromus Ventures InvestorMSD Capital Investor