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Why Integrating Best-In-Class Solutions is the Future of Security

June 11, 2020

A key question that you should ask, during any video security evaluation, is whether you want a system that is completely closed off or a system that offers easy integrations with best-in-class tools and services.

When a video security system does not integrate, this can severely limit performance and prevent your organization from receiving greater capabilities to improve awareness and overall security. The beauty of integrating with other enterprise tools is that it allows you to take fully developed, high-performing products and seamlessly combine them so that they can build upon each other’s strengths. When you combine proven enterprise systems, this delivers the absolute best performance to any organization.

Want to send video alerts to your incident management and notification tools?

Improve response times by sending alerts to Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, JIRA, and more.

Need to save an important video clip to your cloud storage provider?

Automatically store footage offsite by sending it to Dropbox, Box, G Suite, AWS, and more.

Want to improve your building security by combining access control and video security?

Capture video footage and verify who is entering your space by integrating with Openpath, Kisi, and Brivo.

20+ integrations with best of breed solutions right at your fingertips

Integrations allow you to work more intelligently by combining the best enterprise solutions the world has to offer. With over 20+ integrations and counting, Rhombus makes it easy and scalable to integrate with tools that you already have deployed or plan to implement later down the line.

As organizations transition to the future of work, the way we operate and manage security will be different, forever. Business leaders will now require open, integrated solutions to obtain more in-depth insights, greater flexibility while working remote, and better security operations by unlocking new functionality.

See how Rhombus integrates with other solutions in only a few clicks. Watch our recent webinar to learn how Rhombus and Openpath are pioneering cloud video security and access control. The security landscape is constantly changing, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation to help your organization see and do more. If you have any general questions about integrations or the Rhombus solution, please reach out to

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