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It’s Time for a Change – Never Manually Update Your Video Security System Ever Again

March 12, 2020

With daylight savings occurring just the other day, we were reminded about a recent conversation that we had with a customer that reinforced how sometimes we take the small features for granted.

Last week, we spoke to an IT team of a large mid-western school district. With any customer that we work with, we approach things consultatively. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your needs are met and that the solution that you put in place is something that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

The conversation with the IT team flowed naturally. As we were providing an overview of the Rhombus Platform, the Director of IT suddenly asked a question, “You know why you’re here, right?”

As a million possible responses flooded our brains, we felt the need to respond quickly. Before we could respond, the Director of IT let us off the hook and quickly answered, “You’re here because we spend TWELVE DAYS every year updating our traditional NVR system.” Frustration was apparent in his response.

There was no way he spent twelve days updating his system. Surely, he has just over exaggerating. The Director continued with his explanation, “Our IT team consists of 4 people. Twice per year, during the Spring and Fall, our team splits up and travels to each location to manually update the cameras because of daylight savings. We’re required to do this because the time and date stamp for our video must be accurate for legal reasons. This usually takes a day and a half, and during this time, we usually discover a few cameras that aren’t working. Cameras could’ve been down for months, but until we go out and have someone from our team look at the system, there isn’t an easy way to find out.”

We were shocked. Twelve working days every year? Manually traveling to each location to update? No easy way to know if the cameras are working? All of these seemed like obvious issues that video security companies should be solving. Yet here it was. Right in front of us. A customer who’s been experiencing these issues for years and was finally fed up. Now that we knew what his problems were, we provided a rundown on how Rhombus could solve all of his problems.

With Rhombus, we did all of the hard work in developing a modern solution to ensure that every interaction you have is effortless. Need to update your entire video security system? Rhombus pushes all updates automatically and doesn’t require anyone to spend time updating. Need to eliminate time spent on maintenance? Rhombus uses enterprise-grade encryption to store footage secure on-camera – so no NVRs, servers, or hard drives are required to maintain. Need to know when there’s an issue with your system? Rhombus is self-monitoring and can alert you in seconds if your entire system is experiencing any issues. Need remote access? Rhombus provides remote access on an entirely new level. With the Rhombus Console and Mobile App, you can manage your security from anywhere with no firewall changes, VPNs, or thick client software.

If you are still living with the pain of a limited, legacy NVR system, it’s time to check out what Rhombus can offer and the problems it can solve for your organization. Click here to learn more or to schedule a personalized demo. It’s time for a change. Let us help you make it.

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