Product :: Unusual Behavior Detection
Better security without ever monitoring a live video feed
How it Works?
Normal Behavior Established
Rhombus scans a space and establishes a baseline of what's normal behavior for that particular area.
Get Alerts for Abnormal Behavior
Quickly respond to issues by receiving real-time notifications when the camera detects abnormal behavior.
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Security

Rhombus uses the latest in AI and Computer Vision to protect your organization like never before. Unusual Behavior Detection (UBD) brings to life truly autonomous physical security to enable organizations to receive alerts when it matters the most.

No longer do you have to manually review or monitor live video feeds. Enable Unusual Behavior Detection and Rhombus will notify you if a fight, medical emergency, break-in, or suspicious activity has occurred in your organization.

Your video security system should always have your back and now with UBD – Rhombus does.
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