Rhombus Systems has been deployed in companies and organizations around the world for a number of use cases.
Below are some of the most common ones.

People Analytics

Rhombus uses advanced people identification technology to give you insight into the physical world. Rhombus produces insightful people analytics to help count people in real world situations. Use these analytics to measure customer traffic, employee engagement, marketing funnels, space usage, and much more.

Video sharing

Ideal for product managers or product line managers, you can quickly cut video clips of user testing, manufacuring lines, product meetings, and more. Now use video across your organization to improve productivity and engagement.
Furthermore, share a live stream of a corporate event with numerous people with the confidence that the live stream abides by company security standards.


For companies that need video security for compliance reasons (eg SOC 2 or HIPAA), the Rhombus solution is meant to help companies comply with these standards. By following security best practices, choosing vendors that meet our customer compliance standards, enabling configurable video retention time, and even helping generate reports like SOC 2 reports that can be used for an audit, we are constantly striving to make compliance an easy task.

Video Security

The Rhombus solution provides incredibly intelligent, yet easy video security. All cameras and locations are managed from a single console. When there is an incident, video can be shared with a few clicks. All video content is intelligently indexed so it can be quickly searched and alerts can be setup for events including sound, people motion, any motion, or even for a certain person.

Enterprise integrations

Leverage our API to export analytics into your own applications or sync audit events with other systems to provide more complete security coverage. There are also event based APIs available so an organization can take action when certain events are triggered.
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