R120/R200 Camera Setup

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2. Install the Rhombus Systems Mobile App

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3. Register and Install Devices

Mounting on wall or ceiling:

  • Open dome by unscrewing three housing screws with included Torx tool.
  • Use included mount template to drill holes for screws and cable.
  • Use three included M4x25mm round head self-tapping screws to mount base to surface.
  • Use three included anchors when mounting to softer materials.
  • Replace dome and tighten three housing screws with included Torx tool.


  • The camera is only to be connected to PoE networks without routing to outside plants.
  • If powered by a power adapter, the adapter should be properly grounded.
  • The product will be installed under the eaves of the building and will avoid direct exposure of the external wire to the sun and water environment.
  • Please contact Rhombus' certified dealers for power adapters.

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