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Senior Mobile Developer w/ React Native

Take over as the primary React Native developer on the Rhombus mobile iOS and Android app. Mostly remote, but based in Portland, Oregon.

Work on a small team using the latest mobile technologies including React Native and Fastlane. Leverage your full expertise by working on a variety of unique and challenging mobile development tasks including video decoding, Bluetooth, and encryption.

Most code will be written in JavaScript but you should be confident working with Java and/or Objective-C to access all APIs and improve performance when necessary. Knowledge of just one of the two native languages is OK with willingness to learn the other.

This job is great because:

  • Fast-growing startup with huge potential upside
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Use the latest mobile development tools, and be empowered to help choose those tools

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Take over responsibility of the mobile app
  • Build app features with JavaScript and React Native
  • Write portions of the app in both Java and Objective-C when necessary
  • Port code from Objective-C to Java and vice-versa
  • Coordinate with backend developers and provide feedback on backend API
  • Coordinate with designers and provide feedback on designs

You will blend with the team if you:

  • Prefer startups to larger companies
  • Like chatting with coworkers remotely on Slack
  • Get excited about new technologies
  • Have strong opinions but are easy-going and respectful of others opinions


  • Solid JavaScript knowledge
  • 2+ years mobile experience
  • 1+ year(s) experience with React Native specifically
  • Java and/or Objective-C experience
  • Familiar with git
  • Great communication skills


Rhombus Systems provides intelligent, cloud managed video security to businesses that just work. Companies can setup smart cameras anywhere in their organization in minutes without the need for complicated NVR's or servers. Rhombus leverages the latest in computer vision, machine learning, and AI to power such features as people analytics, facial recognition, and object detection. The company is founded by serial entrepreneurs who have previously started and sold two companies and been backed by some of the best Silicon Valley investors.


To apply, send your resume to andrew @ or visit our posting on Angel List.

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