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Torcon was able to set up a camera powered entirely by solar, allowing for almost unlimited installation possibilities.
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Our solution fit within Torcon’s tight budget requirements but offered more features than other options.
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By storing footage locally, our solution consumes minimal bandwidth compared to other cloud options.
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Features that matter
Browser/mobile device support, easy video sharing, and advanced video searching features, such as time stamps, region search, and motion detection.
Building Flexible Video Security

Torcon is a construction management company for leading corporations and private institutions. They currently use video security to secure their main office and various construction sites. The Director of IT inherited different video security systems that were not integrated with one another. His goal was to standardize the systems to allow for easier scalability and management for the future.

The Challenge

The Director of IT wanted a solution that could adapt to the changing needs of the business. Torcon, and their clients, wanted 24/7 visibility into their work sites, something that was unavailable with the separate systems deployed throughout the company. Torcon was interested in cloud security cameras but was concerned with the high bandwidth consumptions typically associated with other options.

The Solution

Torcon needed a system that was easy to manage, cost-effective, and consumed low bandwidth. We worked closely alongside their team, and within a month, Torcon was able to install over 15 cameras across their main office and construction sites.

At one of their work sites, they required a completely wireless camera, which they powered by solar, since POE cabling was not an option.


Torcon gained a cloud managed video security system that was affordable, consumed minimal bandwidth, and allowed for easy installation. The Director of IT was impressed with the camera’s durability, in both indoor and outdoor environments, and had the freedom to now use video security at any location without the need to set up bulky hardware. Torcon also gained the ability to share live video streams with its customers and remotely manage the entire system through a browser or mobile device.

Keys To Success

We worked with Torcon to provide a video security solution that could be installed across different working environments. We strategized different setup methods to maximize their time and resources. We helped their team leverage our system’s advanced video searching features to help streamline the process of reviewing footage to make it more efficient and enjoyable to use than their previous system.

About Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems provides next-generation video security for enterprises, organizations, and partners around the world. Backed by Lemnos Labs and Promus Ventures, Rhombus Systems aims to connect our physical world with the digital to better understand and protect our spaces.

open quoteRhombus Systems gave us visibility over areas we didn’t have before. Their system isn’t a nice to have, but a must have for any business.”
Shawn Winters
Director of IT
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