Case Study :: Praesum Healthcare
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Putting Patients First with Intelligent Cloud Video Security and Analytics

Praesum Healthcare is a high-end medical detox and mental health treatment provider that operates in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. Video surveillance is vital for Praesum’s 20 locations to ensure security and smooth day-to-day operations. Daniel Ruiz, Network System Administrator, wanted a solution that could replace its existing NVR system to streamline infrastructure, improve end-user experience, and ensure patient safety.

The Challenge

“We use video security to ensure our patients get the best care and attention possible. As our previous video security system aged, maintaining a high level of care across our entire organization became more challenging. It felt like we were always troubleshooting the system.”

A Failing Legacy System

Across Praesum's facilities, a traditional NVR system with IP cameras was used for video surveillance. As the system aged, it became increasingly more cumbersome and difficult to work with.

“Problems kept occurring one after the other,” Daniel said. “Cameras would suddenly restart or stop working, recorders would go down and the cameras would go down with it, or the hard drives would just fail and need to be replaced. It got to the point where we were spending so much time and resources managing and maintaining the system that something needed to change.”

Remote Access, Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, and HIPAA Compliance

Acquiring remote access with their legacy system was difficult and required Praesum to either open up ports or poke holes in firewalls.

“Getting remote access with our previous system was a no-go. When you’re a health care facility, being HIPAA compliant and protecting patient’s data is critical. Considering how many locations we needed to manage, having remote access would have been great, but we just couldn’t risk opening up ports and subjecting ourselves to cybersecurity risks. This made our video security experience very inefficient to the say the least.”

The Solution

Daniel knew that he wanted to implement a cloud video security system at Praesum. After careful evaluation, he decided that Rhombus was the ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • No DVR/NVRs, servers, or hard drives to manage and maintain
  • Secure remote access from any web browser, mobile device, or Apple TV
  • Straightforward UI with zero learning curve
  • A video security system that enables easier compliance with HIPAA
  • Human/people analytics for increased awareness and security

Plug-and-Play Solution That Helps Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Rhombus delivers a modern, plug-and-play video security solution with strict cybersecurity practices, which made it easy for Praesum to remain HIPAA compliant.

“Deployment is simple, the system is secure, and the way Rhombus handles data is top-notch. Once I received the cameras, all I had to do was plug it in, follow a few simple steps, and the cameras were online and recording video. It was refreshing not having to install a ton of hardware, manually configure a system, or download thick client software to get started.”

Easy Facility Management with Remote Access

Rhombus provides 24/7 remote access from any web browser or mobile device with full end-to-end encryption as standard. This level of accessibility allowed Daniel and his team to be more connected to their facilities and provide an even higher-level of care to patients.

“I love how once the cameras were online - I can access all of my cameras and locations at any time with total peace of mind. I don’t have to open up my system to achieve remote access, it’s already built in, and I can manage everything from one easy-to-use portal. Remote access has made my team way more connected and efficient.”

Finding Footage and Receiving Alerts to Safeguard Patients

Rhombus helped Praesum improve visibility across their facilities by enabling them to find footage and specific human events in minutes.

“With our old system, if we wanted to pull footage or investigate, it would normally take hours to do. Now we’re able to accomplish this in minutes. If a visitor enters our facility past visiting hours, we can quickly get an alert, watch a video clip, and share it out to the proper authorities within seconds. We don’t have to monitor video feeds or manually scrub to find specific events. It’s done for us, and all of the difficult parts about securing our health facilities are made easy.”

Enterprise Reliability and Customer Support

Praesum eliminated the excess hardware, which in turn eliminated constant troubleshooting and simplified their network infrastructure.

“What I love most about the system is how reliable it’s been. We just set it up and forget it. It’s that good.” Daniel said. “The customer support has phenomenal as well. My best interests are always put first, and I’m always immediately taken care of whenever I have a question or if there’s an issue. Having a reliable video security partner has given my executive team more visibility, made my security team more efficient, and most importantly - kept our patients safe.”

About Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems provides next-generation video security for enterprises, organizations, and partners around the world. Backed by Lemnos Labs and Promus Ventures, Rhombus Systems aims to connect our physical world with the digital to better understand and protect our spaces.

open quoteEverything about Rhombus just works. We don’t have to spend a ton of time or energy setting up or using the product. It’s made my life easier and has given my end-users the ability to do their job even better.”
Daniel Ruiz,
Network System Administrator
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