Customer :: Parker Restaurant Group
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Quick To Implement
From initial planning to installation, this 15+ camera project took only a month to complete.
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No Bulky Hardware
No more DVRs, servers, hard drives, and additional hardware.
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Remote Access
Manage all cameras and locations from any browser or mobile device.
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Features that improved the business – role-based access, intelligent search, and region search.
Serving Next-Generation Security

Parker Restaurant Group is a company that conceptualizes, develops, and manages a portfolio of restaurants in Chicago, IL. They currently use video security to oversee and manage operations for three restaurants. The CEO wanted to replace his outdated system with a modern solution that would make it possible to see what was going on at his multiple locations from a single console.

The Challenge

As Parker’s restaurant portfolio grew, it became increasingly difficult to deal with their existing video security system, which was based on a traditional DVR system.

Their existing system did not allow for remote access and had trouble scaling. If the CEO, or his management team, wanted to view footage, it required someone to be at the restaurant to view it. This made their system a burden to deal with and shifted the team’s focus away from other important tasks that would contribute to the business’s growth.

The Solution

The CEO wanted a solution that was scalable, easy-to-use, and had remote access so that he, or his team, did not have to physically be at the restaurant to view the footage.

We worked alongside the CEO to develop a strategy that aligned with his budget. Within a month, we helped Parker Restaurant Group quickly implement 15+ cameras across their multiple locations in the heart of Chicago. Setting up and installing the cameras was stress-free, and his team was able to master the web and mobile apps with ease.


Parker Restaurant Group gained a cloud-managed video security system that made it possible to monitor multiple restaurant locations from a single console. The CEO loved seeing everything that was going on at all of his restaurants from a browser or mobile device. By adopting our modern solution, the CEO was able to make video security work with his schedule and not against it. Parker Restaurant Group gained a powerful tool that provided more flexibility and visibility in all aspects of the business from employee accountability to customer experience.

Keys To Success

We worked with the CEO to identify key problems with the existing system to guarantee Rhombus would solve all of them. We created a custom strategy to help Parker Restaurant Group get the most out of our solution. We help set-up video walls so they can easily see what’s going on across all locations and trained their team on how to effectively use the system and its features, including setting up role-based access, intelligent search, and region search.

About Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems provides next-generation video security for enterprises, organizations, and partners around the world. Backed by Lemnos Labs and Promus Ventures, Rhombus Systems aims to connect our physical world with the digital to better understand and protect our spaces.

open quoteRhombus Systems was just what we needed. Something that's easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to manage. It really improved the way we manage our restaurants.”
Brad Parker
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