Customer :: Luxer One
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Easy Setup
Stress-free installation that took only 2 minutes per camera to set-up.
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From camera 1 to 1000+, Rhombus worked smoothly and reliably across different U.S. locations.
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Single Console
Instead of dealing with multiple log-in accounts, all users and cameras are managed from a single console.
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Assigning roles, fast forwarding, intelligent searching, and intuitive clip sharing increased Luxer One’s support team productivity.
Enterprise Reliability Delivered

Luxer One creates package delivery smart lockers and has managed millions of successful transfers across the United States. They currently install cameras with every locker. The CEO and Director of Customer Support wanted a video security solution that could scale with their rapid growth and replace their existing system.

The Challenge

As Luxer One’s customer base grew, they ran into issues with their existing video security system. Luxer One communicated to us that their previous system had a 100-camera limit per account and with thousands of lockers deployed, their support team was forced to use an excel sheet and manually keep track of which locker was associated with a respective log-in. Their video security system lacked basic features, such as fast forwarding through historical footage, and the servers had difficultly handling the number of cameras deployed. This meant that the support team had to deal with server crashes, glitchy software, lengthy log-in times, and ultimately, dedicate more time to answering each support ticket.

The Solution

The CEO and Director of Customer Support needed a solution that not only solved their existing issues but was reliable, easy-to-use, and scalable. Together, we developed a game plan around their budget and put together an incremental roll-out strategy that aligned with their needs.

From initial planning to implementation, we were able to roll-out 1000+ cameras and transition their previous video security infrastructure to Rhombus. We worked with Luxer One to optimize setup and registration for each camera. The end result was a process that took less than 2 minutes per camera to set-up.


Luxer One gained a cloud-managed video security system that improved the productivity of their entire support team. Instead of having to deal with server crashes, glitchy software, and lengthy log-in times – they now have a system that could handle thousands of cameras without any interruptions. The support team gained new abilities, such as fast-forwarding through video, intelligent video searching, and stress-free clip sharing that improved their workflow. By adopting our next-generation video security solution, Luxer One’s support team was able to spend more time efficiently verifying deliveries and less time dealing with a clumsy system.

Keys To Success

We worked with Luxer One to identify key problems with their existing system. By first understanding their challenges, we were able to develop a customized strategy that immediately addressed their needs. We set-up accounts, user roles, and trained their support staff on how to easily incorporate Rhombus into their workflow.

About Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems provides modern video security for enterprises and organizations around the world. Backed by Lemnos Labs and Promus Ventures, Rhombus Systems aims to connect our physical world with the digital to better understand and protect our spaces.

open quoteI’m thrilled that my support team doesn’t have to deal with server crashes and glitchy software anymore! We have a system that is able to operate smoothly no matter how many cameras we add. That alone is a positive ROI.”
Arik Levy
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