Customer :: Jesuit High School
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Cameras were easy to set-up over their existing PoE or Wi-Fi network.
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Instead of being tied to a monitor, the Director of Campus Safety, and security guards, could patrol the campus and monitor everything from their smartphones.
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Jesuit’s staff didn’t have time to learn a complicated system and appreciated our easy-to-use UI.
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Rhombus was 50% less expensive than other solutions, while providing more capabilities.
Protecting Schools With Better Security

Jesuit is a private high school that serves over a thousand students and is situated on a 53-acre campus in Sacramento, CA. The Director of Campus Safety is the school’s primary person responsible for security during school hours but has an additional guard to help patrol the campus later in the evening. The President, and Director of Campus Safety, wanted a video security solution that would improve their visibility and add to their existing security efforts.

The Challenge

In today’s climate, safety is a top concern for any school. While Jesuit has had no safety issues in the past, they wanted to proactively find ways to further improve overall campus safety. Jesuit identified that the size of its campus could pose future challenges when responding to potential issues; they investigated different options, including hiring additional security guards, but instead wanted an option that was more cost-effective and would enhance their ability to deal with issues that may come up in the future.

The Solution

We worked closely alongside the Director of Campus Safety to identify a solution that stayed within budget. The Director of Campus Safety wanted his staff to have vision in critical areas throughout the campus. From initial planning, budget approval, and installation – we were able to secure Jesuit’s entire 53-acre campus in only 4 months.


Jesuit gained a cloud managed video security system that greatly improved their visibility, productivity, and safety over its entire campus. Our easy-to-use system allowed them to quickly master the technology to improve their quality of work and ensure that its students, faculty, and staff were always protected.

Keys To Success

We collaboratively planned out what an ideal solution would look like. By carefully mapping out goals, we were able to make sure that the final system exceeded expectations. Once we had our goals established, we developed an execution strategy and brought in a certified partner to carry out the installation and to provide the exact solution Jesuit was looking for.

After installation, we trained the school’s security staff, properly configured their system, and maintained on-going communication to ensure our product delivered.

About Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems provides modern video security for enterprises and organizations around the world. Backed by Lemnos Labs and Promus Ventures, Rhombus Systems aims to connect our physical world with the digital to better understand and protect our spaces.

open quoteOn any campus, there are only so many security guards, but countless blind spots. Rhombus Systems allows us to be everywhere to better protect our students and staff.”
Gerry Lane
Director of Campus Safety
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