+ License fees
Days of footage stored on camera
Bring Faraway Subjects – Up Close
Capture faces and license plates with incredibly clarity. Designed for maximum performance and durability, the R500 features 2.5X optical zoom and 4K resolution to capture detailed video from long distances.
8MP image sensor
IP66 (indoor/outdoor)
Automatic firmware updates
4K resolution
44° - 18° field of view
10-year warranty
Powerful artificial intelligence with long-distance performance
Ultra-HD 4K video with 2.5x optical zoom. No device software to deal with. No difficult configurations required. Simple to deploy, manage and use every day.
Manage all cameras and locations from one console
Manually adjust camera zoom for perfect 4K video from any distance
Review footage remotely and investigate events in seconds
Receive alerts in real-time on any device
The best in video security technology to improve physical security across all locations
Industry-leading, live video streams (sub-one second)
Open integrations with leading enterprise solutions
Best-in-class bandwidth footprint (as low as 10 Kbps per camera)
Floor plans to precisely place and view all devices
Offline, local area streaming via the Rhombus mobile app
Facial and license plate recognition with real-time alerts
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