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Why it’s Best to Implement Modern Video Security for Your Business in 2019

January 23, 2019

As organizations continue to grow, video surveillance is often overlooked and many systems that are in place today are severely outdated. For businesses looking to improve efficiency, video security may seem unnecessary to implement or even update. However, video security is often seen as an essential first step for an organization and using an inefficient system can have detrimental effects that can be hard to break from later down the line.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why now’s the time to implement a modern video security system, what makes it different than legacy systems, and the benefits it can have on your organization.


With video security, the primary goal a business is trying to achieve is more visibility throughout the organization. With traditional systems, this is easily doable, though the captured footage is hardly ever used since it will require an extensive amount of manual work to either monitor video feeds or review past footage. As you can imagine, this level of manual work takes a great amount of time to complete and is not cost-effective.

By implementing a modern solution, this could allow your organization to have its video footage automatically indexed based on activity. What this means is that instead of combing through hours of footage, you can have the system mark when movement, objects, or people activity has occurred from all your cameras. This ultimately provides a superior way to focus on when activity has occurred and disregard events where no activity has occurred. For a real-world example of video indexing, feel free to check out our Case Study on Byrd Mini Storage.


When upgrading to new technology, our customers have repeatedly told us that their existing system is incredibly inefficient. With a traditional DVR/NVR system, you could be faced with multiple systems that are uncommunicative with one another, or software that is very difficult to use. This makes dealing with video security challenging for system managers and can cause an organization to purchase a system that doesn’t provide any value or improved levels of security. By implementing new technology, productivity increases dramatically. With the recent advancements in cloud, traditional systems are quickly becoming obsolete - even if an organization has recently purchased a new DVR/NVR system.

With a modern system, you’ll have the ability to view multiple locations and cameras from a single console. This immediately simplifies the amount of infrastructure needed to manage and makes it easier to see what’s going on throughout the entire organization. Also, most modern systems focus on providing an amazing user experience which creates a productive piece of software that’s more enjoyable to use than before.

Employee Well-Being

The well-being of your employees is sometimes not considered when you are searching for a new system, yet it’s one of the most impactful benefits you gain when upgrading – because without happy and productive employees, how can an organization expect to succeed?

By implementing a modern video security system, you not only acquire immediate benefit from the new software and technology, but you also show that you are committed to protecting your employees. The utilization of modern video security coupled with great software can provide users with more time to focus on other tasks and be more informed as to what’s going on throughout the organization. To learn more about how modern video security can improve employee well-being, feel free to check out our Case Study on Luxer One.


The new year always brings to light new personal resolutions, but the same should be applied to a business. Two questions should be asked when determining if a new video security system is right the move – one, what are you trying to achieve for 2019 and two, where does gaining better visibility, productivity, and employee well-being fit into the grand scheme of things?

With so many advanced solutions in the market today, there’s no better time to upgrade your surveillance system to something that works for you and not the other way around. If you have any questions about implementing or upgrading to a modern video security solution, you can always reach us at

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