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Using Artificial Intelligence with Enterprise Video Security Systems

November 17, 2017

Okay, let’s start with an experiment. Take a look at the grid of images below, can you find which screen contains a security incident? Take your time, I’ll wait.


Find anything? Okay, I’ll to make it a bit easier. Let’s start with a single image, and see if you can tell what's going on.


How did it go? Feeling like a security expert? Could you do this for 8 hours a day? I hope you’re starting to catch my drift, staring at a grid of video feeds all day long is about as tedious as it gets. The scary part is this is reality! This is how most businesses secure their physical properties, if they even have the funds to pay someone to do it (which, by the way, most don’t). Can you imagine how many incidents get missed every year, simply due to human error. Humans weren’t built for this type of work. We get distracted, we lose interest, we make mistakes. We are, as they say, only human. Do you know what was built for this type of work? Computers!

Computers were born out of the idea of solving complicated, boring, repetitive tasks that could be done in a fraction of the time typically required. They are very good at doing a lot of things very quickly, like analyzing every frame in a video clip in search of information. They don’t get tired, they don’t get bored, and they don’t make mistakes.

What are computers not good at? Context for one. They have a hard time telling if two people are engaged in a friendly handshake, or if one of those people is stabbing the other. So until computer vision technology gets there (which it will, I promise you that), combining AI with human cognitive skills yields the best results. That means using AI to identify potential issues, and allowing a human to quickly make a contextual decision.

How we're moving enterprise security forward

At Rhombus Systems, we’ve designed our security systems to incorporate AI from the start. We’re not a legacy vendor trying to pass some basic processing happening on a local server as AI.  We’re a cloud company, running state of the art Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Big Data systems that empower us to build next-generation technology. Like a Tesla, Rhombus Systems makes your cameras smarter week after week. Some of the exciting AI that we’ll be delivering over the next year:

  1. Unrecognized People Notification – The moment the camera comes online, it starts learning about the people that it sees. Instead of having to tell the camera who you trust and who you don’t, the camera will learn about who it sees, when it sees them, and consequently who it doesn’t know. After the initial learning period, the camera will notify administrators any time it comes across a person it doesn’t know, or even a person it does know, but at a time or location that isn’t typical.
  2. Anomalous Scene Detection – Instead of looking for specific things in a video feed, this feature will learn what is typical for that specific camera. Over the course of weeks and months, it will get smarter and smarter, and be able to alert when things appear different. Things like a large group gathering in an area, smoke filling a room, someone covering the lens of the camera, and so much more. Things that we could never even imagine, because the point of this type of AI is that it’s not following static rules, but constantly learning and improving.
  3. Inter-Camera Tracking – People don’t stand in one place for very long, especially if they are doing something wrong. Inter-Camera tracking allows an administrator to easily follow someone as they move from one camera’s view to another. Instead of having to search across 40 screens looking for the same person, the system will aid administrators in pinpointing the person and provide a trace of their movement through a location (or even across locations!)

If you’re tired of paying for expensive systems with lackluster functionality that require you to hire someone to sit in front of a monitor and tell you when things go bad, give Rhombus Systems a try. Our goal is to make your video security system autonomous, working for you and making your life easier. An asset, not a liability. And the best part is, you can try it for free. Put them somewhere that your current system doesn’t cover, or more likely, somewhere your current cameras are broken. We think you’ll love the difference, and the system.