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Transform Any R2 Security Camera into An Autonomous Robot – Introducing the D2 Attachment!

April 01, 2020

At Rhombus, we believe in creating incredibly powerful security products that improve efficiency and security when managing your physical space. Recently, we launched innovative IoT sensors that seamlessly integrate with our modern, cloud video security solution. By combining sensors with video security, organizations acquire a unique platform that provides accurate data, complete visibility, and unrivaled security.

Today, we take security to the next level and are excited to announce the newest product joining the Rhombus lineup - the D2 attachment!

The D2 attachment is compatible with any R2 security camera and transforms your cameras into an omnidirectional robot (R2-D2) that can be user-controlled or set to roam autonomously. The D2 is loaded with our advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithm. This allows the R2-D2 to monitor your space right out of the box with no manual configuration required. All video is securely sent to the cloud in real-time, and if a person attempts to vandalize or steal the R2-D2, it is programmed to emit a loud siren with a 360° stream of pepper spray. The D2 attachment has a rechargeable battery and lasts up to 1-year on a single charge.

To get started, all you have to do is connect the R2 to the top of the D2 attachment. Once connected, users have the option to control the R2-D2 in the Rhombus Console from any web browser or mobile device and issue verbal commands. If you wish to set the R2-D2 to full autonomous mode, you can select from three pre-determined levels – green, orange, and red. The color codes signify how strict of a security monitoring policy you wish to implement within your organization.

Instead of having stationary security cameras, you now can see in those hard to reach areas and protect your space with incredibly smart robots. We’re also working on a flying drone attachment called the X-Wing, where you can easily attach the R2-D2 for flying capabilities and airspace monitoring. Whether it’s on the ground or in the sky, we believe you should always be protected. Pre-orders are now open! If you would like to reserve your D2 units or get a demo, please reach out to (April Fools) :)