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Rhombus Systems April Product Update

April 19, 2019

With Rhombus, we believe your video security system should continually improve and get better over time. Spring is here and we’ve got some new and exciting features that have recently bloomed.

Time-lapse Improvements

If you didn’t see our last product announcement, we recently released a time-lapse feature where you can create a time-lapse video for any duration of time, even if the video for that time period is no longer on the camera.

At the request of a couple of customers, we’ve recently improved upon this feature by giving you options to skip over nights and weekends. This makes the content of your time-lapse videos much more interesting.


R1 Long-range (Limited Supply)

We have started to introduce a long-range version of the R1 in limited quantities. With an upgraded 12mm lens, the R1 can now see a face or license plate from 100 feet away versus about 20 feet for the standard R1. If your business has specific needs for long-range viewing capabilities, be sure to reach out today to find out more information!


Historical Graph Averages

Any graph on an individual camera page will now show the historical averages to help you compare how usage in the current week varies from the past. This applies to graphs like bandwidth usage, people counting, vehicle counting, and more.


As always, we’re working hard to bring you the absolute best video security solution out there. Please feel free to reach out with any product suggestions. You just might see it pop up in one of these product updates!