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Rhombus Door Sensors: Combine Sensor Data with Video Security to Monitor Any Entry Point

April 08, 2020

We All Know the Feeling

It’s lunchtime, and you feel your stomach is growling. You’re excited to go to the fridge and dive into the lunch that you brought to work today. You spent hours crafting the perfect lunch. Okay, maybe not hours, but you spent a considerable amount of time and energy making this magnificent meal. You know that once you consume your lunch it will give you the right amount of sustenance to carry-on and make this day amazing.

There’s just one problem. As you open the fridge door, you notice that your lunch is missing. As push aside your coworkers’ lunches and snacks, you conclude that someone stole your prized lunch. Now finding out who stole it is a race against time.

Find out Who Stole Your Lunch in Less Than a Minute

With the Rhombus Door Sensor and R2 Security Camera, finding the exact moment when your lunch was stolen takes less than a minute and doesn’t require you to search through a video feed.

The Door Sensor attaches to any entry point – and in this specific use-case – the fridge door. Once activated, all that’s left to do is set-up an alert policy. An alert policy enables the system to automatically save a video clip and notify you when the fridge door opens or is left ajar.

After receiving the alert, you can then watch the video clip of the exact moment when the fridge door opened from either the Rhombus web console or mobile app. This allows you to quickly identify who stole your lunch without any of the manual work. Lunch saved!

It Doesn’t Stop There

The Rhombus Door Sensor allows you to acquire definitive data as to what specific door is open, left ajar, or even if there’s a break-in happening at a specific entry point past certain business hours. The sensor can be attached to any open or close entry point, such as – standard doors, windows, roll-up garage doors, refrigeration doors, cash registers, file cabinets, and more.

By integrating enterprise sensors with Rhombus’s modern cloud video security platform, you can add a critical layer of security that is impossible to achieve with security cameras alone. In addition to the Door Sensors, Rhombus also offers Asset Tags and Environmental Sensors to provide unparalleled intelligence and security into your space.

If you want to learn more about how Rhombus can improve your physical security operations, please contact us at

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