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Rhombus Camera Beta - Hardware Build Timelapse

October 19, 2017

Hardware can be a stumbling block for startups: often it's expensive, risky, and introduces a long lead time before products can be shipped to customers. We at Rhombus wanted to start demonstrating our value to customers and gaining insights immediately, so we designed a Beta camera we could assemble ourselves. Using purchased internal components and a custom housing designed for quick tooling, we built 100 Beta units in our garage (yes, literally).

170109-Render (5).jpg

We thought we'd share a look at what a quick, efficient, scrappy hardware effort can accomplish - here's a timelapse of 10 of the 100 units being assembled. Now that these Beta units have served their purpose, our first production camera - the R1 (definitely not built in a garage) - will be shipping within the month.