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Modern, Cloud-Based Access Control with Video Security - Rhombus Now Integrates with Kisi

February 12, 2020

Kisi provides a cloud-based access control platform for companies in the United States and abroad. By using a Kisi Wall Reader, organizations can secure their buildings and give access to employees via a mobile device, Kisi passes/fobs, or existing NFC cards.

At Rhombus, we align ourselves with companies that provide innovative products that improve operations and security, and today, we’re excited to announce a new integration that will seamlessly combine Kisi’s cloud-based access control system with Rhombus’ video security platform.

Let’s take a closer look at this new integration and see how it all works.

Setting It Up

To enable the Integration, go into your Kisi dashboard and create an API key. Once the API has been created, log into the Rhombus Console -> Settings -> Third-Party Integrations -> Kisi.

Enter the API key, adjust your settings, associate your Kisi Wall Reader with a respective Rhombus Camera and hit save. Acquiring modern access control with synchronized video footage is as simple as that!


Video Capture for All Door Events

The Kisi Integration is automatically configured to capture the following events:

  1. When a door is unlocked, held-open, or forced-open
  2. When a face does not match the corresponding credential

By combining Rhombus security cameras with Kisi, organizations gain better insights into who is entering their space, and alerts can be issued based on specific door events.

Once the camera is set-up, organizations can acquire visitor and unique visitor data.

The Kisi integration enables Rhombus to automatically capture corresponding video footage for all door events and index these events in the camera feed so that you can filter or quickly skip to the scene to make entry verification incredibly easy.


Facial recognition scanning a person’s face and authorizing the user in seconds.

Entry Verification Powered by Facial Recognition

The Kisi Integration allows Rhombus to automatically verify if the correct person is using the correct credential to gain access. Smart alerts can be set-up to notify you when an unauthorized person has entered your organization along with corresponding video to make verification as seamless as possible.


An alert has been sent for an unauthorized user.


The unauthorized event has been indexed in the video feed so you can quickly filter for entry events.


The unauthorized event has been indexed in the video feed so you can quickly filter for entry events.

The Rhombus integration will further enhance Kisi’s cloud-based access control system to deliver a smarter, more secure workspace. We’re truly excited about integration, and we can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Rhombus, feel free to reach out to

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