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Meet Rhombus - An Enterprise Video Surveillance System Built to Protect Your Space in an Entirely New Way

December 03, 2018

Our goal with Rhombus is simple – to provide a modern video security solution that organizations of all sizes can use to transform how they protect their space.

We analyzed other enterprise video systems, and many lacked the technological features that were needed to improve security. We wanted to change this narrative, so we decided to make a solution that was efficient, valuable, and something that people from within an organization would use every single day.

We spent years developing Rhombus and are proud to share it with the world. Businesses and organizations that have implemented our solution love how simple and easy it is to use, manage, and maintain. And while we may be satisfied with this result, we are only just beginning.

Here’s a list of what makes our system different than existing options, along with a brief product overview video:

Cloud-Managed – With Rhombus, you can install unlimited cameras at multiple locations around the world and manage it all from a single console through a browser, mobile device, tablet, and etc.

Facial Recognition – Receive alerts for unidentified people, specific people, motion, object, and etc.

People Counting and Analytics – Gather foot traffic measurements and unique people counts to know how many people are going through your space daily.

Enterprise Integrations – Integrate video security with other enterprise technology such as Office 365, Slack, Okta, API, and more.

End-to-End Encryption – No open ports, regular 3rd party security audits, full data/stream encryption, and regular firmware updates.

Simple Software – An easy to learn and navigable UI makes setting-up alerts, video walls and investigative work, effortless.

Video Activity Indexing – Search through large amounts of footage in minutes by focusing on footage where activity has occurred.

Local and Cloud Storage – Our cameras store 15-40 days locally and up to unlimited in the cloud. This provides reliable and flexible video storage without needing to set-up external hardware.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Rhombus. We are always finding new ways to help businesses improve their security and efficiency, and if you would like to learn more or have any questions - feel free to reach out.

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