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July Product Update – An Elevated Physical Security Experience

July 07, 2020

With another exciting month behind us, we have new product updates that deliver an even greater security experience with enhanced capabilities. From new camera options to an updated web and mobile client interface, Rhombus now includes leading features that provide amazing performance without any compromises.

Capture All Events with Up to 180 Days Camera Storage

The Rhombus Platform provides customers with a hybrid cloud solution that stores footage both on-camera and in the cloud. With this approach, customers receive better reliability through data redundancy and the elimination of single point of failure when storing and accessing video footage.

Today, we are excited to announce that the R360 now features double the amount of storage at 60 days, and all R2 cameras can be equipped with up to 180 days! You can now even adjust camera resolution settings (more on that below) for even greater storage capacity! These cameras are now available and ready for any deployment.

See the Complete Picture With 360° Live Immersive View on Mobile

A few months ago, we announced the R360 camera, an immersive cloud security camera that you can manage from any web browser. This past month, the Rhombus team has done it again, and brought the same functionality from the web console to the mobile app, delivering a powerful and immersive experience to the palm of your hand!

The immersive experience from the Rhombus web console

The immersive experience from the Rhombus mobile app

Receive Alerts for Any Event, on Any Device, at Any Time

Want full customization with how specific users receive alerts? In the Alert Notification settings, we made it easier than ever to customize how users receive alerts based on time, preferred notification method, and which events to send notifications for!

A Better Video Security Experience with Greater Camera Resolution Settings

Within camera settings, you can now adjust resolution, max bitrate, and exposure metering. These settings are not easily available or may be hard to find in other cloud-based solutions, but the value they provide is tremendous.

At Rhombus, we believe in providing customers with the solutions and features they need to succeed. By adjusting these camera settings, you can fine-tune and optimize Rhombus for better video quality and storage so that it meets the needs of your organization. You can learn more about all of these settings here.

Other New Features

  • Enhanced UI alert policy for faster policy creation and easy viewing. Read more here on how to get the most out of it.

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