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Introducing the R360: The First, Live Dewarping, Immersive 360° Security Camera

April 14, 2020

Since the beginning, Rhombus has been on a mission to simplify and modernize the world of physical security by creating innovative products that bring greater value and security to your organization. By staying true to our core values, we are excited to announce the newest Rhombus security camera – the R360; the first, live dewarping, immersive 360° camera that enables you to view your space from any direction via the Rhombus Console or Mobile App.

The R360 is the perfect choice for organizations that want the most visibility with minimal camera presence – just install in the center of a room to capture 360° views of your entire environment.

Traditionally, 360 cameras are either pre-configured with various views such as 2P (2 Panoramas), 1P3R (1 Panorama with 3 Regional views), or given a selected region of the video feed to be dewarped for appropriate viewing. What does this mean for the end-user experience? Well first, you must pre-configure the views that work best for your particular environment. And second, when investigating or monitoring an event, you must toggle between the different views to obtain relevant footage.

Traditional 360° camera view

This difficult configuration process and switching between views causes unnecessary friction when securing your space. With the R360 and Immersive View, you can now remotely manage your security and conduct in-depth investigations as if you were physically there. This revolutionary feature delivers live dewarping so that you can view video from any angle or direction in real-time within the Rhombus video player, delivering a remote security experience unlike any other video security solution in the market today.

Live, real-time dewarping with Rhombus Immersive View

The R360 comes equipped with a 12MP Progressive CMOS Sensor, delivering up to 3008x3008 video resolution and a complete 360° field of view (180° vertical / 180° horizontal). The R360 features an industrial metal casing, is fully weatherproof (IP66), vandal-resistant (IK10), and ready for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, like all Rhombus products, the R360 is powered by a quad-core processor and is fully NDAA and TAA compliant, meaning it can be used in any government, federal, or business organization.

If you want to learn more, get a demo, or experience the R360 out for yourself, please reach out to