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Introducing Rhombus AI - Facial Recognition + People Analytics

February 02, 2018


Rhombus Systems is excited to announce Rhombus AI which is an advanced technology to enable people countingfacial recognition, and object recognition (finding cars, animals, etc).  We started working on the foundation of Rhombus AI from the first days of Rhombus and early iterations of these features were available to our customers.

Recently, we released some major upgrades including a new facial recognition UI (more on that below) and we thought it was time to bring all of these different features under one umbrella.  We'll be hosting a webinar on Feb. 15th if you're interested to see some of this tech in action.  Now, some more on how these new technologies benefit our customers.

Camera Facial Recognition

We have been heavily focused on creating an optimal user experience for facial recognition tailored to how we saw enterprise organizations using the product.  For customers with this feature, you'll now notice a few things.  First of all, on the dashboard there is now a Recent Faces section where you can quickly glance at recently seen people.


Beyond the dashboard, administrators have access to a sophisticated set of tools allowing them to do things like Trust recognized people, tag the people in their company, search across Rhombus AI enabled cameras for a certain face, or Alert any time a particular person is seen.  The latter feature is powerful for cases where you know a specific person might have malicious intent and you want advance notice whenever they enter the premises.

Furthermore, as the system "learns" who the employees of the company are, it can alert on any unidentified faces spotted on the premises.  It is often the case you don't need alerts during the day, but many people find it helpful to receive unidentified people alerts after hours.


People Analytics from Video

We’ve also recently released enhanced versions of our people analytics tools to now include the following types of people counting:

  1. Crowd Counting
    1. Count all people in the crowd regardless of how many times the camera might see them
  2. Visitor Counting
    1. This tool will count faces (good for entrance or exit), but will not differentiate between individual people
  3. Unique Visitor Counting
    1. Similar to visitor counting, only this feature will count the unique people that it sees during a time period
  4. Engagement Counting
    1. This will count all people "engaged" (stay for a certain period of time) with a location or activity

What's Next

We are incredibly proud of the power and usability of our Rhombus AI features, but there’s more to come.  In the short term, you'll continue to see improvements around our facial recognition and people analytics technologies like improved accuracy, more configurability, and more reporting.

Long term, we have more planned specifically around the idea of counting more "generic" objects.  This would help customers count all types of things / widgets / objects of interest.  An example might be how many widgets a particular manufacturing machine is producing over a given period of time and if there are any anomalies with the production rate.  This is an interesting application to us as it continues to show how cameras can "unlock" the content of our everyday business lives and become a valuable business tool.

As always, stay tuned!


If you're interested in attending a webinar to learn more about Rhombus AI, we'll be holding one on February 15th at 11AM PST.  You can register here.

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