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Introducing Investigations - Find the Footage You Need When It Matters Most

May 22, 2019

A core feature with any modern video security product is the ability to easily identify or investigate scenes of interest without having to manually rewind or fast forward through hours of footage.

From early on, we made it a priority to make searching for particular events as easy as possible. We incorporated advanced features, such as activity-based indexing on all recorded video and the ability to jump from event to event with a simple click.


Focus on events where activity has occurred with activity-based video indexing

This served as inspiration for us. We began thinking of different ways to deliver the same effortless searching capability but apply it to multiple video feeds at the same time.

Rather than flipping back and forth between individual feeds trying to locate a specific event, we took a holistic approach to deliver an innovative process to simultaneously investigate multiple cameras based on certain parameters.

Today, our team is proud to introduce Investigations – a new and powerful tool that allows you to view and search up to 16 cameras at once and filter events based on motion, people, vehicles, faces, license plates, and more.


Easily filter through events to find the right footage

Not only is it easy to search for specific scenes, but it’s also incredibly simple to save video from multiple cameras at once from the same time period. Instead of spending time creating a clip from each individual camera, you can now do it all in a single step - saving you precious time and leaving you with fully synchronized video evidence.


Save footage from multiple video feeds and view them in the Saved Video section

This is only the beginning. In the future, we will further develop Investigations to allow for even more granular search parameters. For example, “show me the person in a yellow shirt at the Palo Alto office” or “show me all the blue vans that were in front of the Seattle office on May 23rd.”

As you can imagine, these searches can transform how you interact and extract value from your system. We’re are not there yet, but this is the direction we’re rapidly heading towards.


Setting up an investigation takes only a few clicks

Want to try Investigations out for yourself?

Investigations is currently in Beta but is available to all customers. If you’d like to try it out, please contact us at to get access!