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Improved Performance at No Cost – Video Storage, License Plate Recognition, Asset Tracking

March 12, 2021

This product update brings major improvements to existing Rhombus devices and features. Video security is an investment for the future—that’s why Rhombus consistently rolls out new features and upgrades to ensure your system continually gets smarter and better over time.

Up to 50% More On-Camera Storage for All Cameras

The Rhombus R&D team is always working on ways to improve video streaming and storage so that your video security experience continually becomes more powerful, flexible, and efficient.

This month’s update brings a huge development to video storage: all Rhombus cameras can now store up to 50% more video locally. For example, if you have a Rhombus camera installed and you currently receive 30 days worth of storage at your current quality settings, you will now retain up to 45 days. Storage numbers can vary based on the quality settings you choose and the amount of activity the cameras are capturing, but overall, on-camera storage has been optimzied to provide organizations with greater flexibility and control.

This increase in video storage is completely hands-off for Rhombus users—all cameras (existing and newly purchased) will store the additional footage automatically. The optimization applies to all camera models and is being rolled out as part of the latest firmware release. Rhombus firmware updates happen automatically, meaning there’s no action needed on your part and absolutely no added cost.

Improved License Plate Recognition – Distance and Accuracy

License Plate Recognition enhances security in parking lots, pickup zones, outdoor spaces, and more. Thanks to improved character recognition and plate number parsing in this latest update, Rhombus’ license plate recognition is even more accurate and can read plates up to 50% farther away.

This means fewer blurry plates, even at higher speeds and greater distances. It also means that when you tag specific license plates as authorized or unauthorized, the AI will recognize those specific plates more accurately. For example, schools can add trusted license plates for parents picking up their children and staff can receive alerts if an unidentified or unauthorized vehicle attempts to pick up a student.


Automatically identify license plates up to 50% farther away to enhance security in outdoor areas.

Rhombus has also expanded supported plate types to over 200 countries. This is all possible with just one camera—some platforms require multiple cameras for license plate recognition to function, but with Rhombus, you need only one to capture context and specific details. The best camera for license plate recognition is the R400—with 3x optical zoom and sharp 4K video, it captures ultra-sharp and accurate video from extreme distances.

Smarter IoT Sensors – Track Assets and Review Movement Patterns

IoT sensors give you in-depth insights into your environment and help improve operations and productivity for your organization. With Rhombus Asset Tags, you can track high-value objects in real time—and now, you can easily trace their movement patterns over any course of time directly from the Rhombus Console.

For example, within a manufacturing setting, asset tags can reveal where materials are currently located and the specific path materials took during assembly. This feature provides a deeper understanding of your physical space without any additional effort on your part.


Review movement patterns within your floorplans with Rhombus Asset Tags.

We hope this month’s updates improve your video security experience and help make life simpler and more secure. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests – please contact

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