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Building Video Security with IT in Mind

November 07, 2017

When we started Rhombus Systems, one of the core beliefs we had was that beyond appealing to the facilities and physical security teams, this product would have to appeal to IT.  We wanted our product to feel like other products IT managed whether that be file sharing, firewalls, email, or WiFi.  At the end of the day, IT is tasked with managing all of these systems and if they are a pain or don't feel like other systems, then IT doesn't want to deal with them.

IT Security for IT Professionals

If IT doesn't want to manage a systems, then that's a problem because an enterprise is only as secure as their weakest link which is something we touched on previously.

So how did we make our solution appealing for IT personnel?  We added features like role-based access, audit logging, diagnostic logs, and single sign-on.  All of these were added with the goal to make our system easier to manage and easier to plug into the tools they're already using.  Have Okta for SSO?  Great, we'll plug into that.  Use Splunk to manage all of your log data?  Great, we'll pipe our data into there as well.  Want an API to do a custom integration?  We've got that covered as well!

The point is that we want to make our solution as flexible and integration friendly as possible so that you can leverage all of the tools and products that you already have today.

And if we don't have one?  Let us know, and I'm sure we can figure out a way to quickly support it.

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