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Find Events Faster with Greater Accuracy – September Product Update

September 22, 2020

When certain situations arise, having the ability to find footage quickly and effectively makes a world of difference. Whether you are managing your system from a computer or mobile device, today, we’re thrilled to announce new product features that deliver the absolute best cloud-managed security experience.

Locate Events in Seconds – Event Thumbnails

With Rhombus’ innovative platform, users have greater control over their video security infrastructure with the ability to review large amounts of footage faster than ever before. Over the last month, we’ve taken customer feedback and have improved the search experience by integrating event search capabilities directly into the video player!

Previously, when searching for events and activity, users had to filter and search for activity on the seek bar or use the Region Search feature.

Now to find specific events, simply click on the Event Thumbnails icon or conduct a Region Search. Rhombus will intelligently display cropped and optimized activity images, allowing users to receive relevant information instantly.


Quickly find events with Event Thumbnails


Find activity anywhere on your video feed with Region Search

Bringing the Rhombus Console Experience to Mobile – Filter Events in the Mobile App

The top-rated Rhombus iOS and Android apps provide a suite of valuable tools, including registering and monitoring devices, supporting multiple customers, and even viewing live video streams without internet access!

With the latest mobile update, users can now filter Event Types across locations, including human movement, recognized face, vehicle, access control badge alerts, and more! Region Search functionality has improved to show larger thumbnails and event filtering to make finding footage more efficient.


Event Thumbnails and filtering has been carried over from the Rhombus Console to the Mobile App


Advanced Region Search functionality has also been carried over

Receive Alerts on Microsoft Teams


Adding to the growing list of included Integrations, Rhombus now supports Microsoft Teams for Policy Alerts. Simply enter a Teams Connector webhook into the Rhombus Console, toggle on the integration, and receive Cards in Microsoft Teams for Rhombus Policy violations.

Easily Manage Camera Licenses Across All Locations

The Rhombus Platform delivers powerful AI Analytics, including facial recognition, vehicle and license plate recognition, people counting, and unusual behavior detection for actionable emergency response and in-depth investigations. New this update is an improved experience managing Feature Licenses within the Rhombus Console; easily assign, provision, or remove Features (even in bulk) to save time and improve operations.

In Case You Missed It

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• View camera streams, no Internet required

We hope you enjoyed this month’s product update. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests – please contact