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Cloud Storage for Historical Video and More

December 07, 2017

A common request we receive from IT professionals at enterprise organizations is for extended backup and storage of video security footage.  Our current smart cameras can store approximately 15-30 days of security footage depending on the storage capacity.  That's why we're excited to announce a new cloud backup option where customers can choose how long they want to store their video security footage.

For our enterprise customers, this feature is relatively transparent to them.  Aside from choosing the subscription plan that matches how long they need to store security camera video (often 60, 90, 180, or 365 days), we take care of all of the backup and video playback. All of the historical video is indexed for certain events (motion, people, facial recognition, etc) just as the on-board video is indexed.  There is nothing else to configure, manage, or anything else like that.  Piece of cake!

If this is something your company needs, contact our sales team today to learn more about our cloud storage option that goes with our cloud managed smart cameras.

Viewing Past Video on iOS

We also recently released a new iOS mobile app where you can view historical video.  It has a slick UI where you can click through recorded security footage by events (such as human motion or facial recogntion) or thumbnails.  It eliminates all of the traditional tedium of having to search through hours of video and optimizes that experience for mobile.  Talk about making it easier to scroll through past video!  This new version is available now in the app store.   Rhombusios-1.jpg

Downloadable Report Data

Another recent feature addition is the ability to download report data in the form of a CSV file.  This make it easy to export valuable security data into the productivity tools you already know and love.     Downloadable data.png   Enjoy the new features!

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