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Configured to Your Needs - Rhombus Apple TV App & AI Analytics Improvements

January 21, 2022

Every month, Rhombus deploys product improvements that make using the platform more intuitive, powerful, and user-friendly. These updates are rolled out automatically, so you can start enjoying them right away.

This January, we’ve released improvements to the Apple TV App, Video Walls, Facial Recognition, and more. Keep reading to learn about what’s new!

See and Do More with the Rhombus Apple TV App

When you need to monitor multiple video feeds at once, the Rhombus Apple TV App provides a streamlined and efficient experience. Users can set up custom video walls and stream live footage 24/7 from up to 30 cameras on one screen, making it ideal for security control room or command center environments.

The Apple TV App received several updates that make it even easier to see what’s happening across your locations in real-time. Here’s what's new:

Dive into the scene with Immersive View

The Apple TV App now supports Immersive View with the R360 fisheye camera. Immersive View lets you pan through 360° of video and move around the environment in real-time. You can also use the R360 camera in 180° mode on the Apple TV, providing added flexibility and viewing options.

Rhombus Systems AppleTV App video walls immersive 360 view panoramic dewarp

See sensor info at a glance

If a camera has an environmental sensor associated with it (like the E1 or E2), you can now see the temperature and humidity information from the sensor overlayed on the camera feed. This enables users to better monitor their physical environments without having to switch to another device.

rhombus e1 sensor appletv app physical security camera

Temperature and humidity data from E1 Environmental Sensors overlayed on the camera feeds. In the Kitchen feed, the sensor is inside the refrigerator.

Smooth, crisp, and reliable 24/7 video

A ton of improvements have been made behind the scenes of the Apple TV App that will make your experience smoother, snappier, and more enjoyable than ever. If you currently use the Apple TV App, let us know if you feel the difference!

Better Air Quality and Environment Monitoring—E2 Now Shipping

We announced the E2 Air Quality Sensor in November and are excited to announce that it is now shipping! As organizations return to work, maintaining healthier spaces is more crucial than ever. In addition to measuring temperature and humidity, the E2 monitors air quality and sends alerts in real-time.

The E2 brings the Rhombus Platform another step closer to being the central nervous system to every building and enables organizations to protect their environment beyond just capturing video evidence. When unhealthy air quality is detected, the E2 can issue an alert as well as communicate with other systems. For example, with the Rhombus and KMC Commander integration, when an air quality alert is received from the E2, this can trigger a building's HVAC system to let fresh air in to automatically resolve the issue.

The Rhombus Platform can integrate with existing building systems to automate health and safety procedures. For example, the E2 sensor can send air quality alerts that trigger the HVAC to let in fresh air without any manual action.

Faces and License Plate Recognition—Smarter UI & Feedback Options

Facial and license plate recognition features help you streamline investigations and set custom alerts—saving you time and making your security more proactive versus reactive.

This month's updates make these features easier and more intuitive to use. The UI is more consistent across platforms, and you can now quickly provide feedback on the AI accuracy. If the AI incorrectly identifies a face or license plate, you can now easily flag the video clip as a mismatch. This allows the AI to continuously learn about your environment and helps provide more accurate results for future alerts and investigations.

Greater Control Over Video Walls

Many Rhombus customers use video walls to monitor dozens of live camera feeds at once. These video walls support real-time streaming and provide visibility across multiple locations at a glance.

Previously, video walls were only available in HD quality. Now, you can toggle between HD and SD quality. SD mode is less CPU-intensive and is handy if you have large video walls that are experiencing not ideal performance on HD mode.

These changes help you customize your video surveillance experience and set it up in a way that makes sense for your organization.

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