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Announcing Rhombus Systems and the R1

October 18, 2017

While this is our first public announcement, we've been hard at work for over a year on Rhombus Systems. What is Rhombus Systems?  Rhombus provides autonomous video security built specifically for enterprises. Going a step further, we are taking the traditional NVR/DVR video security systems, ditching all the complicated hardware and infusing the system with software intelligence.  We won't make any bold claims yet that these cameras can completely replace actual people for security, but our goal is to make the most powerful ally companies have had to date to secure their facilities.

Furthermore, we're upgrading these cameras to be more in line with modern enterprise IT systems. Starting with the foundation, that means we're discarding the traditional DVR ensuring that the only hardware an IT professional now needs to manage are the cameras. Plus, we're making all of these cameras cloud managed while still retaining some of the benefits of on-site hardware like storing the video locally and ensuring playback over the local network stays on the LAN.  This entire solution is protected with world-class security from a team that was previously building web security and firewalls for large enterprises.

Along with this announcement, we're also launching our first camera - the R1.  The R1 includes crystal clear resolution up to 1080p, both WiFi and ethernet connectivity, it is indoor/outdoor rated (IP66), and can store up to 1 month of video history.  This camera has everything IT needs and then more.  The R1 is available now for purchase and be sure to ask about our 5 camera Starter Pack.

We are so confident that our solution will be a significant upgrade to your current system, that we offer a free 30 day trial as well as a 1 year money back guarantee.  You'll quickly see how your cameras will no longer be a passive part of your office, but a true business operations tool that you can use to remotely check in on operations, see how many people are coming through a location with our people analytics, and even share a clip of video with other colleagues.

We'd like to take a quick moment to also thank all the people that helped us get to this point including our families, friends, advisors, investors and of course all of our beta customers who have given us invaluable feedback up to this point.

While today is a big day for us, it is only one small step in our journey to help secure the physical infrastructure of companies.

The Rhombus Team