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A New Way to Manage Your Physical Space - Rhombus IoT Sensors Are Now Shipping!

March 04, 2020

A couple of months ago, we announced new IoT sensors that work seamlessly with any R2 camera. This announcement was monumental and established Rhombus as the only solution that combines cloud video security with integrated IoT sensors to provide true visibility into your workspace. Today, we are excited to announce that all of the Rhombus IoT sensors are now shipping!

These new sensors work with any R2 camera to deliver real-time sensing data with synchronized video footage. Instead of just receiving sensor data, Rhombus allows you to take it one step further and watch video as to what’s going on with any sensor at any given time.

Receive concrete sensor data and seamlessly switch from sensors to video security in seconds.

Imagine a scenario where someone gained access to a restricted area at a school and stole a new projector. With a traditional video security system, you wouldn’t know this happened until after the fact. And even then, you'd have to dive into the footage and manually find the specific event. Now with the Rhombus Platform, you’ll receive a notification right when the door opens with an automatically created video clip. You’ll also be able to locate the projector within your organization, and if it disappears, you’ll receive an alert so you can quickly watch the video for when and where the projector was last spotted.

No more managing separate systems or switching from one software application to another. Rhombus makes managing your physical security easy by bringing your video security and sensors onto one console and have them work seamlessly together for a truly proactive security experience.

Below are just a few benefits that the sensors deliver:

  1. The T1 Asset Tag – Provides visibility into where your high-value items are located at all times. For example, setting up an alert to know when a tractor leaves a job site.
  2. The D1 Door Sensor – Protects your employees and organization by monitoring all entry points. For example, setting up an alert when a bank safe door has opened past business hours.
  3. The E1 Environmental Sensor – Protect temperature-sensitive areas from any climate fluctuations. For example, setting up an alert to know if the refrigeration unit containing medical vials has gone above a certain temperature to protect against spoilage.

See the below video of a refrigerator door being opened, the corresponding video, and the temperature. As a user, you can go to any point in time, see the state of any sensor, and watch the corresponding video from one central view. That’s the power the Rhombus platform delivers and something that you won’t find anywhere else!

Receive an alert when a door or window opens within your organization and watch corresponding video of the event.

Monitor temperature-sensitive areas and know immediately when temperature or humidity abnormally fluctuate.

Mobile App Updates - Manage Your Sensors From Anywhere

Beyond just managing the sensors from the web console, we’re also updating the Rhombus mobile app to ensure you can manage both your cameras and sensors equally as well from whatever option you wish to use!

In the latest mobile app, you’ll find all of the functionality to quickly register sensors to your organization and see the status and location of all of your sensors. For asset tags, you'll even be able to real-time locate an asset from your phone (super cool to see in person)!


These sensors are now shipping and start at $49/sensor and require an annual subscription. For the latest pricing, please refer to the pricing page.

We’re extremely excited about these new sensors, and how they can help you better manage your physical security and space. If you want to try them out, please reach out to to get your hands on them!

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