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5 Reasons K-12 Schools Choose Rhombus for Campus Safety

April 02, 2021

Modern video security for K-12 schools enhances safety, visibility, and productivity. The right system not only keeps students safer but makes life easier for administrators and faculty. 

With Rhombus, you can implement an industry-leading video security solution without compromising on performance or price. These are some of the top reasons why K-12 schools are choosing Rhombus to protect their campuses and districts.

1. It’s Easy to Use

Many school administrators dread using their surveillance systems because they’re frustrating and time-consuming to use. Some platforms are so complicated that only seasoned IT staff can use them, and others are a patchwork of legacy systems that no one truly understands.

By contrast, using Rhombus is easy. Complex processes are at work under the hood, but the Rhombus interface is designed to be simple and intuitive so that users can quickly investigate incidents, review a day’s worth of footage in minutes, and share video with others during emergencies.  Everyone who uses the system—whether they’re administrators, security staff, IT staff, teachers, or more—can quickly learn to use Rhombus, no technical experience required.

2. It Creates Smarter and Safer Spaces

Video security needs to have performance and features that can effectively protect your campus spaces. That means:

High-quality video so you can clearly see what’s happening on campus in real-time.

With Rhombus, live and recorded video for all camera models is in HD. Video is sharp and clear, and Rhombus’ class-leading video latency (as low as 200ms) means there’s virtually no buffering or lag when viewing footage.    

Fast, automated alerts so that you can be immediately notified when urgent events arise.

Rhombus AI analytics automatically identify what’s happening on campus—and because Rhombus uses on-camera edge processing, it does this incredibly quickly.  

This means the system will rapidly recognize activity that needs your attention and send a real-time alert. For example, if someone is trespassing on campus after-hours, Rhombus AI will identify this unusual movement and send an alert with synchronized video footage of the event.  


Respond to urgent events quickly with smart and automated real-time alerts.

Powerful video search for quick incident investigation and resolution.

With Rhombus, you can review an entire day’s worth of footage in minutes. Finding footage is effortless thanks to intelligent search filters for faces, movement, vehicles, activity, and more. You can find and share what you need quickly, then get back to your day.

For example, if a student has been accused of bullying, you can use face or activity search to streamline your investigation. Birch Tree Academy uses Rhombus search for rapid incident resolution:  “We had a student tell his parents about what would have been a very serious physical incident at school. We went into the system, reviewed footage, and confirmed that nothing had happened and even sent the video to the parent.”

Searching a room for human movement in the Rhombus Console.
(Note: Video quality is reduced due to gif compression. Video in the Console is sharp and high fidelity.)

3. It’s Reliable and Low Maintenance

School administrators and IT teams have a lot on their plates and many priorities that need attention. Rhombus lightens the load with video security so low maintenance and reliable, you hardly have to lift a finger.

Automatic firmware updates keep the system up to date with zero effort on your part. 

Rhombus consistently rolls out new features and optimizations to existing systems. This ensures that your system always has the latest security patches and gets smarter and better over time.

The beauty of these updates is that they require absolutely no manual work. All firmware updates are automatically pushed to your Rhombus devices, so your entire system is always up to date.

Less maintenance compared to onsite systems saves you time, stress, and labor.

As a cloud video security solution, the only devices you need with Rhombus are the cameras themselves. This is significantly less hardware compared to traditional onsite systems, meaning fewer devices to maintain over the system’s lifetime. 

With a low maintenance system and access to Rhombus’ award-winning support team, you spend less time, money, and labor on maintenance over your system’s entire lifetime. 


Safeguards to prevent missing footage mean you’re never caught off-guard by a network outage or out-of-service camera. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than investigating an incident and finding that the security camera wasn’t recording and there’s no footage. Rhombus has several safeguards in place to ensure there are no gaps in footage. 

With Rhombus, network outages are no problem—even when the internet is down, the cameras continue to record and automatically resync all footage once the connection is restored. You can even watch live and recorded video over the LAN when the internet is down so you’re always aware of what’s going throughout your spaces.

As standard, Rhombus features continuous system health monitoring, so if a camera stops functioning for any reason, you’ll receive an immediate alert to quickly respond to the issue.

4. It’s Scalable and Cost-Effective

Rhombus is designed to make it easy for you to get incredible value, safety, and flexibility out of your video security solution. This is accomplished through:

Flexible & predictable scalability makes it easy to fit video security into your budget and busy schedule.

With Rhombus, you can scale as needed on a per-camera basis, meaning you can add devices when time and budget allow. This makes deployment easy for schools that may have limited installation windows or want to expand in phases. For example, University Area CDC deploys an additional batch of Rhombus cameras whenever they receive a new grant.

There are no hidden costs to Rhombus and the only things required are cameras and licensing. This makes budgeting much easier and more predictable than on-premise systems because you always know exactly how much it will cost to scale the system. There are no surprises or unexpected costs, such as needing an additional NVR to support additional cameras, more storage, and etc.

Unified management helps you get value out of your system quickly.

Rhombus can manage unlimited cameras, locations, and users on one platform with no caps or up-charges. This unified interface is intuitive to use and improves efficiency and visibility immediately, helping schools realize potential ROI more quickly than on-premise systems.

Third-party integrations give you the choice and freedom to build a security solution that fits your school’s unique needs.

The Rhombus platform is open and integrates with dozens of leading business solutions, with additional integrations added regularly. It takes just a few clicks to activate an integration, and you can manage everything from one unified console without switching back-and-forth between systems.

The choice to integrate gives you the flexibility to get the most of your video security and the systems you currently use in your schools, including access control, vape sensors, HVAC controls, and more.

Explore how Rhombus integrations can beef up your access control and help prevent student vaping.


5. It Puts Security and Privacy First 

Video surveillance helps protect students and staff, and that also means protecting their data and privacy.

Sophisticated cybersecurity and privacy protocols are baked into Rhombus’ DNA, and this security-first approach means you’re protected against data breaches and always have total control over your footage.   


The Rhombus founding team has decades of cybersecurity experience and uses numerous best-practice security protocols, including end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and routine third-party security audits for added peace of mind. 


It’s a core tenet of Rhombus that the client, and only the client, controls access to their data. Rhombus prioritizes your privacy and has permission-based access only. There isn’t a ‘backdoor’ or ‘super admin’ account—meaning only you have the authority to share access to your data and footage.

Learn about the importance of industry best practices for cybersecurity and user privacy: Putting Customer Privacy and Security First 


When it comes to school security, you’re protecting more than just property—you’re protecting your students and staff. Rhombus is a stress-free video security system that will make your campus smarter and safer for years to come. 

Request a free trial to experience how Rhombus can improve your school’s video security, or reach out to for more information. 

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